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I am a beginner at programming. I'm trying to get a feel for the games here so I can come up with some cool ideas of my own. I may even post them, so be on the lookout!

Have a good vocabulary (or mad dictionary lookup skizzlez)? Want to be a hero? Then go to Free Rice...where you can help those in need!

FreeRice Stats:
Total donated by me: 5320
Average Vocab Level: 33

I am a shifter! All three are awesome! Also, the cat and cc are lies!!

I have 01 Smiley : )
~7/28 For Magic Pen Guide
I am a GameCompeter
7/30 Boomstick Trophy
|-| [_______]
Not much else, I guess!
Some cool links:

~(>_< NVM; The site that used to be here sold out, and now charges for sounds)
~Unofficial AG Chat
~Cool Game Physics Article


~8/6/08 Top 1000 woot!
~8/19/08 Over 1000 points!

I gotsded a merit! I think 8/18/08 for PEL

I can has teh other merit? 9/1/08 for shadow factory! Thx, carlie!

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