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Joined 1-28-08\\\\r\\\\nPlayed on Armorgames since It was called Games of Gondor but just got around to making an account.\\\\\\\\\\\\\Made a new map for FR2 : 1su -6o 1ja -62 1st -4p,1mk -5k 1iq -38 1oo -5b,1lj -46 1jp -1o 1o1 -52,13 1h 1sp 1k,1pf 2a 1o2 3d,1o4 3d 1ot 4f 1q5 4d 1qu 3n 1qu 2r 1pf 2a,1rq 30 1rq 4a,1ro 4b 1sb 4q 1t0 4n 1tj 48 1tj 3d 1tj 2p,1tj 46 1tk 4u,1vf 33 1v0 2j 1u3 2t,1u3 2u 1u2 3m 1u8 51 1v0 56 1vn 4u 201 4d,20g 2a 20i 5b,20i 45 214 3d 21m 3u 222 4v 220 5g,22u 5b 233 5d,237 5d 23f 5e,23d 5d 233 58,230 59 232 5e,233 5e 238 5e 238 5b 233 5d,238 59 235 59 238 5b,243 5b 23u 5b,23s 5e 23s 5j,23u 5j 243 5j,245 5g 241 5e,23u 5g 240 5j,241 5j 245 5e 240 5d,23u 5d 240 5g 243 5g 23u 5i,23s 5g 23u 5d,241 59 246 59,251 5e 24p 5i 24q 5l,24u 5l 253 5l 254 5g 24v 5g,24s 5g 24p 5g 24s 5j 251 5j,24v 5j 24v 5g,24s 5g 24s 5j,251 5g 24u 5g,24q 5j 24u 5n,253 5n 253 5j 24u 5i,24s 5i 24s 5l,238 5d 235 5d,237 5b 233 5b,1sp 14 1ou 14,1sq -n 1p1 -m,1sp 1d 1pm 1d,1su -6o 1sp 1j,1sq n 1pk n,1sp -5 1pk -5,1sq 9 1p1 9,-10 1m 15 1j,-11 1n -3r 5,1o7 -43 1o7 -2c,1o7 -43 1or -3n 1o7 -31 1ov -2n 1o9 -2d,1r3 -2r 1qu -2n,1r3 -2a 1r8 -28,1ra -28 1rg -2a 1ri -2i 1rg -2m 1r8 -2s 1r3 -2s,1ri -3q 1ri -2c,1rp -2k 1s3 -2c,1r9 -27 1rc -27,1r4 -2b 1qt -2g 1qu -2n,1p6 -2l 1p5 -3h,1pi -2t 1pe -2p 1pd -2k 1ph -2g 1pm -2g 1pr -2h 1ps -2l 1pr -2o 1pm -2s 1ph -2t,1q7 -2s 1q1 -2p,1q1 -2o 1q1 -2i,1q3 -2f 1q7 -2d,1q1 -2h 1q4 -2e,1q7 -2e 1qc -2c 1qf -2e 1qh -2j 1qf -2o 1qb -2s 1q8 -2t,1s9 -2k 1rr -1v##B 205 -14 b8,B 209 t 5k,B 208 i 5k,B 208 5 5k,B 207 -9 5h,B 1v8 s 5k,B 1v8 i 5k,B 1v8 2 5k,B 1v7 -8 5k,B 1v7 -j 5q,B 1v7 -11 5k,B 1v6 -1d 5i,B 1v0 -7 2q,B 1uk -8 2t,B 1ub -8 2q,B 1u5 -8 2q,B 1u0 q 5k,B 1u0 f 5k,B 1u0 6 5k,B 1u0 -5 5k,B 1u0 -i 5k,B 1u0 -s 5m,B 1tv -16 5h,B 1nh p 8e,B 1m2 q 2o,B 1lt r 8c,B 1jb q 8c,B -2o -i 3t,B -32 1 3a,B -2e -l 47,B -2t -8 3t,B j9 j 2n,B f7 j 2u,B co o 2q,B 90 p 2q,B 5m v 2p,B 22 v 2p,T 35p gt

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