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  • Member since: 7/23/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: AIM at a target and shoot them down
  • MSN: MSN = Milking Slimy Nipples
  • Yahoo: Jackpepper@ymail.com
  • XBOX Live: sorry sucks wait it doesn't suck, it swollows. so send me all of ur hate mail
  • Wii: wii ur dead
  • PSN: Punisher0988
  • SteamID: yay i know what this is mine is Punisher0988


Wood Serf: 10 (X)
Silver Serf: 25 (X)
Gold Serf: 100 (X)
Wood Squire: 225 (X)
Silver Squire: 400 (X)
Gold Squire: 625 (X)
Wood Knight: 1200 (X)
Silver Knight: 1750 (X)
Gold Knight: 2250 (X)
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 (X)
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 (I)
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 (I)
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 (I)
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 (I)
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 (I)
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 (I)
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 (I)
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 (I)
Wood King/Queen: 12000 (I)
Silver King/Queen: 14500 (I)
Gold King/Queen: 17500 (I)

Merit= i wish
submitted a game =no
rated games= duh
form post= ya but not much

My Clanivine Punishment
ask if u want to join or my clan members will leave an invite at ur page
number of members:23
not all members are on my friends list ok
elite hitman:390ap
hitman leader:600ap
special ops hitman:1000ap
hitman assassin:1800ap
hitman god father:2500ap
Punisher's crew member:3000ap
Punisher's wing man:4000ap
Punisher's elite hitman:5000ap
Punisher's right hand man:6000ap
Punisher's partnermust be one of my friends and active also must have more than 6600ap)
members are
Blade123456789yomama :Hitman leader
iratealot :hitman leader
Evilpumpkinman: Special Ops Hitman
swiftsword :Punisher's crew member
other members reqested that there user name is not to be shared
last log in Feb.5

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