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About myself: Brown/Blondish hair, similar haircut to what the Billy Talent vocalist had (Mohawk thingy :D),  1,94 Meters tall, average built

Favourite Bands: Slipknot, HammerFall, Amon Amarth, Sonata Arctica, Sum 41, Chidlren of Bodom, Unearth, System of a Down, Schelmish, Subway to Sally, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, and so on and so forth...........

The term "Cool" is not objective, therefore anyone can be cool or not
-I hate coolness


Playing Dead Space at my friends house
Me: That thing is not dead, Keir
Him: Course it is it's lying on the floor
Me: See, I told you!
Him: It cut off my head!!!!
(Dad walks in)
Dad: What are you guys playing I always hear you shouting.
(Blood splatters all over the screen)
Dad: Now that seems like a fun game;)

Concerts I've been to:
-Foo Fighters: Dusseldorf ISS DOME
-Farin Urlaub: Dusseldorf Phillipshalle
-Slipknot, Machine Head, Children of Bodom: Dusseldorf Phillipshalle
-Feuertal Festival: Hardtbuehne Wuppertal
-HammerFall, Sabaton: Oberhausen Turbinenhalle
-Emil Bulls: Cologne Underground, Berlin Lido
-Saltatio Mortis: Cologne Live Music Hall, Wuppertal Die Boerse
-Callejon: Cologne Werkstatt
etc....Too much work to keep up :D

    A Metal Heart is Hard to Tear Apart
                  In Metal We Trust
          Our Mecca is called Wacken
          See you there, Rain or Shine

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