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I'm always dressed in a purple striped pants, a purple plaid shirt, shoes and weight Violet Violet a bowler, which makes me look like a clown. The last day, I made the mistake of giving a can of compressed lasagna spoiled my pet,a lazy cat I named Gertrude. Unfortunately, he vomited all over the carpet of my purple room. A beautiful carpet anyway, what a mess! In life I believe to be sexy, but in reality, I'm really strange. After my death, if I can choose what I am reincarnated, it will certainly be mango because I think it's the result that there is the most powerful. For now, my favorite pastime is to watch the tennis through the window of my room. And yes because I put a TV in the window of my room, that way I can watch TV without anyone knowing. What's the point? I have no idea! Anyway, do not be surprised, I told you I was strange. I think I'll stop there before it gets worse. So if one day you come across a mango in the street, be sure to say hello, it could be me, especially if its skin is purple!

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