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This is R1a2z3e4. Because of my this much big and confusing name my friends call me Raze in short. Really I like this name !

I have joined Armor Games on 1/2/2013 and this is the website I like most from that time.

One special fact - Play the music "Rocket Race" in slow motion. You will get an awesome music !

I love Sci-Fi scene:-

Action scene :-

and etc...


Juice Tin :- He is the best game developer I have ever seen. I became a fan when I played his game first time (Raze). It is such a good game that I could not forget till now and I wish one-day I will also make a fantastic game like him !

Devansh_Asthana :- The first and Indian friend of mine on Armor Games. A cool, I think handsome and an awesome guy. He is the special fan of Juice Tin and me. We are friend from a long time and I wish he will remain my friend in future too !

xXxDAPRO89xXx :- An all rounder boy who basically cares about school. According to my conclusion he is always busy because of sports but he manages to talk with his friends almost daily. That's why I said him all rounder and this is his specialty !

Omegap12 :- An awesome story writer who wants to be a US Military Sniper. He can write awesome stories so he must have an awesome mind which can help in making strategies for military. He is also good in English literature !

Neccaro :- The first female friend of mine in Armor Games. She want to become a recognized artist. She is good in English grammar and making drawings. Maybe she will find some grammatical errors in my profile too !

Blackbeltr0 :- The strict and an awesome general of A.G.M.O.T clan. I am in his clan and its a great clan of unity, teamwork,worthiness, trust, leadership and activity. He want to become a moderator to help Armor games. He is also the 2nd degree Black belt. Really he is good to be a general ! (sir)

Letsgome_gome :- A good and kind general of A.G.C.S.C clan. I am in his clan too. Unfortunately he is sick these days. He is trust-able and a very good leader I have ever seen. At last - Get well soon sir...!

19912 :- My classmate and a nice friend on Armor Games. He is also the commanding general of a clan A.G.A.A.S.I. His specialty is that he gives the answer of any question in an easier way means easy to understand. In other words he is good in explaining any topic !

H1a2r3 :- Another good classmate and nice friend on Armor Games. He is very intelligent, good in studies and a fond of knowledge. I think he can be the next Newton in future !

TinyEricson :- An awesome and a helping guy. Helping because on raze 2 he is try to spot glitches/bugs and if he find one he will report the glitch/bug. Awesome because he is awesome!

Other Friends

Vorak :- My one of the first friends on Armor Games !

Iron_Bro :- A good friend on Armor Games. His name matches with my favourite superhero !

EdgeryEvoz :- A good comment writer !

ThunderH2Ofire :- A nice friend and I think he like science!

Waterflame :- His music Rocket Race is awesome !

Thomas5 :- Good in HTML knowledge !

R2D21999 :-  Leader of a clan Manly Crew and a good friend !

Awesometarik :- He is an awesome friend !

Fries :- One of the good friends on Armor Games !

Ferret :- Best Administrator ever !

StormWalker :- A nice and good friend !

AND MANY MORE...............

Thank you for coming in my profile.!


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