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R2 Info

Hi my name is R2D21999(duh) and I'm AGs one and only specialized robot that sells poisonous cookies.

Nicknames: R2D21999, R2, R2D, R2D2, Robot, R@, and silly ribcage.

Status in ArmorGames: I'm busy with marriage, creating theories, running 2 RPGs, co-hosting another RPG, making poisonous cookies, dealing with FGA, and creating threads for other plans.

If you're new make sure you introduce yourself in the Newcomers thread.


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This is the Bob Crew. It is a very old crew it used to be awesome now its unactive because we have many unactive users.

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GHASTLY is a wonderful place to live, if you are dead. This is a cordial invitiation to come live in GHASTLY. You lose your puny, carbon based forms, and gain a lovely formless cloud of poisonous gas and acid. Put this on your page if you decide to live in such a lovely place as GHASTLY.
Storm said she was going to be the only one in GHASTLY, well might as well join for the quiet.


Won the 2013 meanest user award.

11/9/13: Be involved in probably the biggest ninja fest on ArmorGames4178 to page 4187
The AG Love Circle

Theory thread I've been meaning to get back to.

Battle thread I've also been meaning to get back on.

List of characters for future ArmorGames High story:

Clancy: foreign exchange student
Riptizoid: 7 year old who is somehow in highschool. He dreams of his fantasy of marrying Lauren which will most likely never happen.
MrDayCee: Janitor, everyone hangs out with him and pets his beard.
Ferret: School pet
Gantic: Principal
Moe: History teacher
DanMcNeely: Super intendent
Knights: Hall monitors/teacher assistants
Zophia: art teacher
Kega: Catalan language teacher, she loves to hang out in the art room
Frank: Science teacher(?) he hangs out with groups of students because he can.
Strop: School Nurse, he is often seen doing ninja training
Reton: Literature teacher
Unleash: Math teacher(?)
Walker: Gym teacher(?)
Admins not mentioned: school board
Mastaplaya: Football playa who loves to take selfies
Manly: extremely buff, but emotionally affected person
pang: Questionable gender person who is a twin to Sal
Sal: A guy who constantly lies to other students. He is pang's twin and is often seen talking about music.
Snag: A penguin that loves to play games.
Pick: Thief he's also the hawt one. No explaination needed.
R2: A robot that is constantly abused but still loves his abusers.
Patrick: The serious one who points out small details in a pinch
Daleks: The one who tries to dropout but keeps coming back
Matt: The artistic one who keeps making comics. He wants to follow his dream and become a teacher.
StormWalker: A violent female human who is mostly seen with poking people with needles of sharpness. She sometimes mutters about murder. Although once in awhile she goes over to a group of people.
Minotaur: A 23 year old looking 16 intellectual with a thing for alcohol. Likes to chase after young girls and is extremely sociable. He only got his bus license because he looked old enough.
Lauren: She is the girl that is there but is rarely ever noticed. She's also part vampire walrus.
Ernie: The one who serves lunch. Sometimes he serves bizarre foods that nobody has ever seen or heard of.
Killersup: The one to talk like he's that voice guy in those one movie commercials. He also likes to talk in 3rd person.
Silver: The Irish guy who's main hobby is to hang around a group and annoy the members of that group. They like to hang around him anyways.
Nivlac: The one who tries to be funny but just causes akward silence.
09philj: The antagonistic, sardonic, geek
kalkan: The smoker. Strangely he is allowed to smoke in school and is the only allowed.
Jack: A student who is a peace-loving activist.
Nurv: An owl, that isn't very smart but likes to read.
Aggs: The kawaii desu moshi moshi kid with the temper. She annoys her sister, Storm.

Planned episodes for AG High:
"The New Kid."

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