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R2 Info

Hi my name is R2D21999(duh) and I'm AGs one and only specialized robot that sells poisonous cookies.

Nicknames: R2D21999, R2, R2D, R2D2, Robot, R@, and silly ribcage.

Status in ArmorGames: I'm busy with marriage, writing AGH, making poisonous cookies, dealing with FGA, and creating threads for other plans.

If you're new make sure you introduce yourself in the Newcomers thread.


GHASTLY is a wonderful place to live, if you are dead. This is a cordial invitiation to come live in GHASTLY. You lose your puny, carbon based forms, and gain a lovely formless cloud of poisonous gas and acid. Put this on your page if you decide to live in such a lovely place as GHASTLY.
Storm said she was going to be the only one in GHASTLY, well might as well join for the quiet.


Won the 2013 meanest user award.

11/9/13: Be involved in probably the biggest ninja fest on ArmorGames4178 to page 4187

Became a knight - 11/4/14

1st: Making a review for SIPPYCUpS
2nd: Successfully Counting to 100
3rd: Participating in the Great Debates
4th: Participating in the Great Debates twice

Most people might be against me, and I'm ok with that.

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