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Hello Peeps, Im really bored so I decided to create this. I love waffles and oreos to. I guess I did not tell you much and I dont need to. Later, I will make some more but I need APs. Time to eat some waffles! Also my favorite games are Exit Path where I met most of my friends. Also here is a story I wrote it goes like this:
Part 1, The pants once in pants land a hero was born he was raised trained with awesomeness and he graduated the academy of rad and was given his legendary pants he was a hero so he fought bad guys with mario until mario pointed out who know my consoles are a lotbetter than you being made of flash.fancy pants man builds up rage and called his flash buds james the zebra,that guy from exit path and,and of course sonny.Mario fless to gather his force so the war started to be continued...
Do you like it? I hope you do. Ill have more story's. If you liked this one, then you should like the other storys Ill right. Im really bored and Ill create more of the biography now. Pie is very good and here is the rest of my biography.

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