• Member since: 4/27/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: ummmmmm........ to find an aim
  • Yahoo: =O YAHOOOOO!!!!!
  • XBOX Live: rockontyler
  • Wii: have one
  • PSN: want one so bad!!!
  • SteamID: its steams id ask him


is a 13 year old male and loves video games.
I'm also in slipsoccers FR2 club. i currently have 25 points.
I'm also in crackfires FR2 club. I currently have 77 points

Why do u want to skip all my FR2 tracks?

Heres my first ever free rider 2 map
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1k 18 -v -1a -v,-g6 bi -fi c6,-fk c6 -f2 bi,-ig bo -jc d3,-d2 c0 -cl cn -br c4,-b1 jf -ar kl,-9u n7 -9v ok -9s q9 -9p rq -8k t7 -6t tr -5c tj,43 vq 4h 10h 40 11j 2n 127 1b 12j -4 12r -1c 12g,36 s1 3u so 47 tn 3v us 3b 104 25 10l u 10o,2c tr 1s up v vh -9 101 -1s 10e -38 10m,-3c 10i -44 10g,-47 10e -4p 107,-6i 16k -6g 17o -68 18r -5f 19u -47 1al -2p 1ar -18 1ai,1a 17h -15 148,22 1ki 2c 1l3,2c 1kv 2p 1kl,56 1m4 5f 1ml,5h 1ml 5u 1m6,2r 1rj 2l 1sh 2j 1tg 2j 1uk 2o 1vt 2u 218 3g 22g 4j 23f 5v 23v 7j 23q,c8 2nb c4 2of bp 2pk b4 2qn a6 2rk,a5 2ri 95 2s1 7r 2s5 69 2rt 54 2r9 44 2qh 36 2pk,-3n 2so -3s 2u2 -3d 2vm -2h 317 -1a 32f 7 33h 22 344 3v 34a 5m 342 78 335,co 39k d3 3a1 dj 39h#90 3br ad 3bu,9f 3bp 9f 3cu,al 3bs al 3d4,an 3cl b6 3cl b6 3d6,bn 3cp c2 3cs c4 3cf bn 3cg bj 3d9 c2 3d8,9c 3dl 9c 3ee,9c 3dn 9s 3do,9d 3e2 9p 3e2,9d 3ee a5 3ec,a8 3e6 a8 3el,aa 3e9 b3 3eb,b1 3eb b1 3eo,bt 3e9 bj 3e9 bj 3ev bt 3et bs 3dq#T cn 3a1,T cl 3a1,T cg 3a1,T dc 3a1,T d1 3a9,T 6h 22t,B 10 -e 84,B 10 -l 88,B s 17 8e,B m 10 8e,B s h 8e,B p -1 8e
-18 1i 18 1i,-16 1g -16 -10,-16 -u 16 -u,qm t8 r7 s2,qm t3 qd sm,nl 14k no 15t nv 178 ol 18g q3 196 rk 197,om 14p ot 15j p7 16d pn 172 ql 17j rn 17n,1hg 28n 1hh 29p 1hd 2au 1h3 2c8 1gc 2dl 1f8 2em 1dm 2fc 1bs 2fi 1a9 2fd 193 2ev 17v 2e9 176 2dd 16o 2ci,137 2e5 13g 2fb 141 2gg 14l 2hi 15h 2ie 16t 2iv 18d 2j2 19k 2is,19j 2iu 19r 2ii,1du 31f 1dj 32g 1de 33t 1cr 35d 1bp 36e 1a4 36m 18f 360 17b 354,126 3bd 12b 3bo,12b 3bm 135 3b2,uu 3i5 v5 3iv,v6 3ir vu 3i4,11a 3vb 11j 40t,11h 40q 12q 46o,va 3pl vk 3q4,111 3p8 ue 3qt,12r 3nv 130 3o9 13j 3ns,12j 3v6 13m 44r,14h 4co 156 4e9 16p 4fc 18q 4fk,14k 4cn 145 4c7 13n 4bk,1b5 4lt 1c3 4kv 1df 4k9 1f4 4jt 1h3 4k3 1im 4kp 1k6 4ln,1q7 506 1rh 4vt 1t6 50q 1ui 51r 1vv 530 21f 548 231 55i 24i 56t 261 587 27d 59h 28p 5aq 2a4 5c2 2bl 5d5 2db 5e0 2f6 5eb 2gv 5e5 2ip 5d7 2jl 5bs,1uk 51p 1vp 525 20r 52s 21t 53m 230 54g 240 559 253 566 269 578 27e 588 28j 59b 29p 5ad 2b3 5b9 2c8 5bk 2dc 5b6,1s1 4vs 1t3 503 1ud 50l 1vp 51b 211 522 223 52m 230 539 23v 53u 24r 54j 25r 55f 270 56h 280 57e 291 58e 2a1 598 2b1 59n 2bv 59i,2cp 59d 2du 59f 2fj 59k 2hm 5a1 2ja 5af 2ku 5b1 2mj 5bl 2o6 5cc 2pq 5d5 2rc 5e1,2bq 59k 2cl 59a 2ds 58t 2fl 58r 2hc 597 2jb 59t 2l9 5ar 2mo 5bn,287 57j 28r 584 29o 58g 2au 58n 2c6 58p 2dj 58k 2f1 58e 2gc 58g 2hs 58n 2jf 595 2l4 59l 2mr 5a7 2oj 5ar 2qc 5bg 2s7 5c7 2u2 5cu 2vm 5du 301 5ej,32d 5hu 32l 5ib,32n 5ib 339 5hp,365 5ll 36p 5mc 381 5m9 38r 5li 397 5km##T 37f 5lg,B -k -p 2q,B -m -10 42,B -i -5 2a,B -k -a 35,B -m 1d 2h,B -i 13 2q,B -m r 2q,B -n h 2q,B -11 -3 2q,B -n 8 2d,B -u -f 2n,B -10 -n 2q
-18 1i 18 1i,-16 1f -16 -t 1b -t,2v 2l 32 3f 34 4f,2o 26 38 2t 3i 3r 40 4r 4n 5k 5q 60 6u 5q 7t 5c,9f 89 96 99 8m a8 7r b9 6r bn,-q me -d ms f mb,3b 19k 3h 1ag 3p 1bl 4d 1cu 5h 1e2 6u 1ee 8g 1e7 9o 1dl,fu 1d7 gi 1d7,gk 1d7 gk 1cm,cb 1na cl 1nu de 1nn,6h 17o 60 11e,5c 22a 4j 232,g1 2n4 g0 2nv fs 2p0 fj 2q0 f7 2r0 ej 2ru dr 2sm cv 2t9 c5 2tn b9 2u0 ab 2u1 9h 2tn 95 2t2,54 2rq 4h 2se,4f 2sc 3v 2t7 3h 2u6 38 2v8 35 30d,2v 3j6 30 3k0 30 3kt 2r 3lt 2e 3mt 1p 3no 12 3od 6 3ou -k 3p5 -1d 3p2 -22 3oo,-6q 3n7 -7e 3n7,-7c 3n5 -7c 3mc,-42 3s7 -39 3sa -35 3ro,-5d 46j -5d 496,-5d 495 -55 503,-9i 55l -9e 56l -99 57q -92 58u -8i 5a5 -7r 5bh -72 5cp -62 5e1 -4r 5fa -3b 5gc -1k 5h8 8 5hk 26 5he 3t 5gl 54 5fe,c4 5bc d2 5bc d2 5ah,b8 5fb b0 5gd a9 5hh 96 5ig 7t 5j7 6n 5jj,6h 5jh 5g 5jp 4a 5ju 30 5jq,b6 5fb bi 5ei bp 5dm,-1r 5l1 -2l 5ln -1h 5m6,4b 6pt 4b 6qn 4b 6rr 43 6t0 3l 6u3 30 6v4 1r 709 n 71b -k 728 -21 72l -38 72l -46 722 -4j 715,-6v 72j -7a 73f -7r 74d -8i 75a -9k 769 -as 770 -cb 77d -dk 77e -f1 76v -g9 762,-jr 77h -jr 76m,-jp 77e -j0 77h,-ec 7qm -e2 7rl -ds 7sr -dp 7u6 -e2 7vp -ei 813 -fb 82f -gi 83n -i5 84n -js 853 -lk 84v -nc 84i -ot 83p -ps 82q -qc 81l,-qd 81o -qp 80r -r8 7vp -rn 7uc -s4 7t5,-s4 7t5 -sc 7ru -sl 7qm -ss 7pj##T -mm 82k,T -nh 83u,T -om 830,T -p8 81h,T -p0 81t,T -on 82m,T -nk 83k,T -n0 83q,T -m6 83p,T -l9 83u,T -kq 83u,T -jf 83q,T -ie 83q,T -hg 83a,T -gv 82s,T -gd 828,T -fu 81r,T -fa 80m,B -n 5 2u,B -10 7 2q
-18 1i 18 1i,a 1q 18 r,-3c 4d -3l 5b -3p 6e -3n 7j -39 8s -2h a4 -11 b3 10 b8 2v ae,5o dg 66 ef 6t fl 7q gh,7r gg 8h gu 9l h1 ap gg,em gj ed hi dr iq cs jt bo kq ab lc 8u lo 7g le,3i ob 5s og 5s od,4 r7 4 sd 5 tk h ut 1i 10g 3h 11a 5a 11i 71 119,ft 1a9 gi 1b2 hd 1bu ig 1cq jk 1dm kn 1em lt 1ft n5 1h8 oe 1il pt 1k5 r6 1l8 sk 1m7 u3 1n2 vi 1nm 10h 1o6 11r 1om 138 1om 14k 1o8,14k 1o8 15n 1nf,1c2 1lm 1bm 1ml 1as 1nj 19o 1oj 18l 1pd 17j 1q4 168 1qt 14r 1ri 130 1s4 10v 1sf ut 1sr,pk 20c pm 1vc,uu 1sp tv 1ss st 1su rm 1st qf 1sr pc 1so,ii 238 in 23a,l7 210 m1 210 m0 208,7b 5gs 86 5hs 97 5j1 a9 5k5 bd 5le ci 5mr dn 5oa er 5ps g1 5rf hf 5sv j3 5u3,10h 6du 114 6du 115 6d0,1am 76i 1bg 77d 1cp 78e 1ef 79c 1g2 7a2 1hn 7ag 1je 7al 1l2 7ah,1qh 7c1 1ss 7cd,20r 7dt 21o 7f1 22n 7g8 24a 7hu 25t 7j5 27n 7k6 29k 7ks 2bd 7kr 2d7 7ju,2go 7jl 2gj 7kp 2fj 7m4 2e1 7nc 2ci 7o9 2am 7p6 28i 7pr 265 7q4 23o 7qb 21e 7qk 1v7 7qu 1t3 7r9 1r2 7rm 1pd 7rj 1oc 7rd,1o5 7sf 1ob 7rq,19q 9g3 1af 9ha 1b3 9ii 1bn 9jo 1cm 9kr 1dt 9m0 1f8 9n5 1gp 9o8 1if 9p5 1k7 9pm 1m1 9pm 1nr 9pa,201 9mu 1ve 9o4 1ud 9p5 1t6 9q7 1rn 9r8 1pm 9sb 1o1 9t6 1m7 9u2 1ke 9ut 1il 9vq 1gu a0n 1f7 a1l 1di a2k 1bt a3j 1a9 a4j 18l a5j 17h a62,175 a5k 17j a67,246 c38 248 c4b 24d c5i 255 c6t 26e c82 287 c90 2a9 c9d,2bv cdl 2a6 cdl,2pm ccq 2pe cdv 2om cf4 2nd cg1 2ls cgs,29k ea2 29k eb9 29q ecl 2a8 ee5 2am efg 2b9 egt 2c3 eid 2d6 ejs 2eh elb 2g6 eml 2i1 enn 2k1 eog 2lj eou 2n5 epc 2p8 epu,2p8 epv 2qb eqi 2rk eql 2t0 eqd 2u5 epu 2v4 ep5 2vu eoe,2p8 ept 2q5 eq0 2r6 eq0 2s9 epo 2tb epa 2uc eom,3b5 elp 3bp elp,3ls f6r 3m3 f78 3mv f78,3t4 fid 3tr fid 3tj fhg,3r5 fla 3ro fm8 3sc fn2 3t7 fo8 3un fop 403 foo 41f fof 42m fo0 43t fn8 44j fmd##T 3v6 fo1
-18 1i 18 1i,-2g -7 u 2f,4a h2 4p h2,i ob 12 pe 1l qi 2l rj 3r sg 58 t8 6q tc 89 t0 9d s7,ap t2 bd t1,c8 t7 cs t9,dh to dt ur em vs fq 116 h7 129 in 139 ka 142 ls 14a n3 142,qj 155 r7 155,u3 18r ui 197 v6 18s,v4 1cj vl 1d2 105 1co,10a 1gt 10o 1h7 118 1gv,10g 221 119 232 12e 249 13l 257 152 25p 16l 25v 17v 25k,1ef 25l 1f3 25m 1f5 24t,1ea 2bf 1dh 2bj 1dh 2at,1e9 2mp 1f2 2mp,1ff 3k6 1ff 3l0 1fc 3m3 1fg 3n9 1fr 3od,1g5 3k6 1gl 3o3,1ff 3k6 1fs 3ob,1ic 434 1j0 434,1gi 52c 1h6 53b 1hr 54e 1is 55n 1k5 56h 1lq 56q,2lk 6kt 2md 6kv 2md 6k6,2n9 7pf 2pa 7qn,33c 80n 33p 82q 33m 811,35d 8fi 363 8fi 363 8er,39d 977 39n 987 3ag 99c 3bs 9aa 3dd 9ai 3ev 9a6 3g8 99f,3m7 9aq 3m7 9b9 3ln 9b7 3le 9b4,3mj 9aq 3ml 9b7 3nf 9ba 3nh 9aj,3ld 9b4 3le 9a9,339 a3r 33r a4t 34s a62 366 a6n 37n a72 39e a70 3b4 a6a 3ch a5j,3ov ah6 3q3 ai1 3rc aim 3sp ain,42b ai4 413 al8,410 al8 40a al1,3v5 b78 3vq b7q 40e b73#3ud b8b 3uk b9e,3th b8c 3v4 b89,3v8 b8c 3ve b9m,3ve b95 402 b8t,402 b8v 406 b9h,414 b8o 40m b8t 410 b9h 41h b9e 414 b8l,41f b9c 41p b9a,42f b6l 431 b95,42a b89 43l b84,44e b81 43n b87 43q b8o 44i b8l 44j b94 43n b9c,3vg ba7 3vb bas,3vj ba3 401 bar,3ve baf 3vv baf,40h b9u 40o ban,414 b9t 419 bak,3u3 bbk 3ui bct,3u6 bbk 3v1 bbk,3ud bc8 3vd bc9,3vv bc8 3vv bcs 40g bcl 40b bc6 402 bc6,415 bb1 41e bcl,41u bb3 42c bce,428 bbu 42n bbb,427 bbn 433 bcg,43u bbk 43a bbn 43i bc9 44d bc4 44d bci 43k bcj#T 3vl b5e
i 45 13 45 13 3l,-1n 8q -11 9a -h 90,-8 c6 -n cg,-44 e9 -42 eo -31 eo,2 ga 1 gv -t gv,-22 io -1i io,-47 k3 -47 ke,-47 kg -3l kg,-26 nh -1d nu -1d n2,-4t r0 -4e rf -3s rf,-1u ud -1h ue,12 11d q 11u -4 11m,-2g 14r -1f 14u,-1d 147 -1h 14u,-4s 1aa -4l 1an -45 1ad,-2r 1dp -22 1dr -27 1d4,-4l 1hu -4r 1is -4r 1jv -4a 1l1 -39 1lq -1u 1m0 -e 1ll q 1l5,19 1lh 20 1ma 2s 1n5 42 1o5 54 1p6 67 1qb 7c 1rk 8l 1sv a3 1ub bj 1vo d6 218 ed 22d fo 23i h2 24n ib 25v jk 277 kt 28h m6 29r nf 2b7 on 2cj pu 2e0 r6 2fd se 2gr tm 2i9 uu 2jm 107 2l4 11g 2mi 12o 2o1 140 2pf 157 2qt 16e 2sc 17k 2tr 18r 2v9 1a1 30o 1b7 327,1b7 325 1c0 32o 1cp 33i 1e1 345 1fh 348 1gv 33k 1hs 32e,1lq 30q 1ml 30j 1m1 2vq,1ku 348 1lg 34n 1m1 346,1hh 3de 1i9 3e2 1ih 3dh,1mi 3mm 1n3 3mn,1n4 3mn 1nd 3lt,1lp 3pg 1l3 3pj 1ku 3oq,1oe 3rq 1p8 3rn 1p5 3qp,1og 455 1mc 461,1j6 48j 1ja 492 1k1 48r,1ge 493 1gh 4a7 1gm 4b4 1gp 4c5 1hj 4da 1ir 4e9 1k9 4f7 1m6 4fq 1o4 4fo,1to 4hm 1t9 4if,1t8 4if 1sl 4i2##T 1t3 4j3,B 1l7 34u 8e
-ai -2o -an -45,d 3c 1g 3t,50 8f 5t 9g 7a ai 92 bb ao bu ca cg dt d8 f8 d5,gs dq g1 dq,l2 ep nu gk,re je u6 lg,102 ou 165 vd,1b3 164 1dv 1al,1k2 1jg 1kp 1jo 1l1 1j3 1ku 1ii,1cl 1j1 1d0 1kd 1dl 1lj 1ej 1mo 1g1 1nl 1hh 1oh 1j4 1pa 1km 1pp 1m0 1q1,1oo 1re 26f 28j,1rm 1t9 26q 27p,290 2bq 2f3 2ii,297 2bl 2bq 2eg,2f0 2if 2n7 2qv,2fg 2i3 2n4 2pv,2qt 2vf 2rt 30i 2t1 31k 2u3 32g 2v3 337 308 340 31h 34p 32k 35c 33l 360 34p 36p 360 37m 372 38f 385 396 39a 39u,38h 3aa 39e 3a3 3ab 39r,3g4 3b4 3fl 3bh 3f5 3b9,3k1 3d7 3ke 3cn,3ji 3d0 3ka 3dc,3lg 3j2 3m6 3j2,3ns 3ov 3on 3ov 3on 3nv,3nf 3s8 3o3 3s8 3o3 3ri,3lv 3vp 3l2 3vm 3l9 3up,3n5 45a 3o8 45s,3sm 49m 3s2 49v,3v2 4c8 3vm 4c6 3ve 4bc,3t9 4f8 3tt 4f8 3tt 4fn 3uh 4fp,3uj 4fp 3uj 4gg 3v8 4gg 3v7 4h1 3vp 4h1 3vp 4hg 408 4hg 408 4hv 40p 4hv 40q 4ic,43h 4k1 43j 4kt 43f 4lt 43c 4n2 436 4ob 42t 4pq 42j 4r3 421 4sb 41b 4ti 40h 4ug 3vf 4v9 3ug 4vr 3tf 507 3sf 50d 3rk 50d 3qt 50a,3qv 506 3qt 50n,3lj 50g 3lf 512,3l7 564 3lj 56e,3lc 5ee 3lp 5en 3m0 5eh,3o1 5i5 3ne 5i5,3po 5nn 3q9 5nn,3o9 5qo 3r7 5tt,3sl 5vr 3th 5vm,401 60r 40k 60r 40k 60d,401 63v 3v7 640,3sl 6jb 3rt 6j6 3r8 6iv,427 69e 41t 6ae 41h 6bf 411 6ci 40e 6dl 3vq 6ek 3v5 6fd 3ua 6g6 3tg 6h0 3sf 6hn 3ra 6i3 3qe 6i7 3ph 6i7 3oq 6i3 3o7 6hq,3hd 6gv 3h9 6hi 3h6 6i2 3ht 6ig 3iu 6iu 3k2 6jd 3l5 6jr 3me 6kg 3nl 6l9 3or 6m7 3q1 6n9 3r7 6ob 3se 6pc 3tl 6qb,3t1 6os 4at 73v,3rg 6of 3t0 6os,4ea 793 4sr 7nk,507 7s0 519 7ss 52b 7to 53i 7um 54n 7vi 55s 80d 576 818 58j 81u 59s 82a 5au 829 5bq 826,5jf 821 5jv 821 5k1 81n,5h2 85h 5hf 85r 5ho 85h,5i3 84k 5ia 84r 5ik 84h,5gv 897 5hm 897 5hm 88g,5dg 8dk 5ee 8f2 5fl 8gj 5gr 8ho 5i8 8ip 5jp 8ji,5u0 8ku 5u8 8lh 5td 8ln,5ov 929 5pc 92t 5pt 929,5qa 928 5qh 92o,5qj 92o 5r2 929,5jj 8rh 5jf 97i 61q 97l 61r 8rn,61n 8rr 5s8 8rn,5ku 927 5n4 927,5ku 926 5jg 926,5n2 926 5ou 926,5mt 925 5op 91o,5kg 924 5jh 91s,61r 94f 5t8 94f 5pe 92s,5qh 92n 5tg 93v 61r 940#3ti 6q7 4ah 74i,4h8 7bt 4ig 7c3 4t2 7mk,5m9 8ui 5nj 8s2 5oe 8un 5pi 8s1,5qg 8s9 5q8 8ui 5rg 8uh,5ri 8ud 5rs 8sc 5ql 8s7,5st 8sj 5sb 8sc,5sb 8se 5s9 8ui 5tc 8uh 5t9 8se,5t5 8se 5sl 8se,5uu 8s7 5v5 8uh,5tr 8s6 60i 8s6,5mj 8uu 5mo 91h,5me 8uu 5o4 8v8,5p8 908 5pc 90s 5q1 90q 5q3 904,5q1 904 5pa 904,5qi 908 5qq 90t,5qk 90d 5rb 90o 5rg 908,5rj 908 5s4 90o,5se 90o 5sq 903 5t5 90l 5tm 904,5tk 904 5tt 90n,5u2 90b 5un 90d 5un 8vs 5u0 8vs 5u8 90o 5up 90n,5v0 8vn 5v0 90j,5v3 8vs 5vd 8vu 5vd 90e,604 8vf 604 90n,5vq 8vv 60i 8vv,5t2 922 5sv 93f 5to 93f 5tr 924,5to 924 5t2 924,5u5 93f 5u5 92p 5ui 92p 5ui 938,5lp 95t 5n4 943 5ng 962 5o4 948 5oa 95s,5pa 959 5o2 96r,5ot 95o 5ok 953,5qb 946 5q8 961,5qa 94a 5r8 94a 5r3 954 5qb 954,5rb 954 5r9 95t,5r9 956 5rq 958,5s6 956 5s6 95t 5sm 95t 5so 956 5s7 956,5t5 95q 5t9 94k,5t9 954 5to 954,5ta 94p 5tt 94p,5u8 95b 5u7 95o,5un 94i 5un 95t,5v0 95g 5vl 95g 5vk 94u 5v6 94u,5v5 94u 5v8 95s 5vp 95s,5ua 94v 5ud 94v,5iq 90v 5ep 90v 5g1 908,5er 90v 5gb 921,5f7 930 5f7 94m 5g3 94m,5gn 94m 5gl 942 5h9 945 5h9 94m 5gs 94i,5hl 94d 5i4 94d,5f3 95p 5f3 96l 5fp 96l,5fp 96j 5fp 95q 5f2 95q,5gi 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