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Hello! once again, for what maybe the last time, I shall introduce myself. I am Raispeed55, a denizen of Armor Games who, although signing up about three(at time of writing) years ago, has not been very active other the years.

If fate seems to be cruel as to separate me from my AG life once more, I will not return to this site. Ever. This will be the last time I make my return, and I hope this time it will be permanent.

I have traveled across the internet for very long, and I have become much more mature than when I first signed up. I will not say any more about myself, as I am uncomfortable with giving out personal data to strangers on the Internet.

I am sorry for my extreme hiatus to everyone, as Reality has been a cruel mistress. But now that I have graduated (not going to say from what) It seems I have enough time on my hands to become an active member of the AG community again.

Bye for now, And let Thunder guide you.

-Rai the Mentally Broken

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