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The fairly un-popular guy is back, with tales of his adventures through the internet!

As some of you know, a year or so back, I signed up for this website, had some fun, made some friends, played of the forums and had a merry ol' time.

Then suddenly, I disappeared off the face of Armor games.

In truth, I hadn't had enough time. I had quite a few websites to manage with, so I picked a few I actually wanted to keep, and, well, kept them.

Obviously armor games was obviously not one of them.

So I've manage to keep all my websites under order, and all was fine for me.
But then I remembered that in my past how fun Armor Games was, but I didn't want to return yet. So after my other websites had been visited, I looked at an old forum that was still alive and well.
I saw what had inspired me to sign up for this website in the first place: the forum games.

So here I am now, after a whole year of absence from armor games, I have returned.
PS: Raintoningu means lightning in japanese. Separate the Rai from the rest and you have the first part of my name.

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