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Wood Serf: 10 AP
Iron Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Iron Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Iron Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord: 3000 AP
Iron Lord: 3500 AP
Gold Lord: 4000 AP
Wood Duke: 4500 AP
Iron Duke: 5200 AP
Gold Duke: 6000 AP
Wood Prince: 7250 AP
Iron Prince: 8500 AP
Gold Prince: 10000 AP
Wood King: 12000 AP-CUR
Iron King: 14500 AP
Gold King: 17500 AP
Here are the AG Ranks

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