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my vision is different now, this isn´t
"I got absolutely NOTHING to do this weekend! so i´ll just spend it all out here!"
but somewhere that could raise our creativity and fecundity. A space of social communication and understandment of humans
*Urban Dictionarty*
ratzy 2 up, 1 down
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A place (rave) help every Monday nights mainly used by male homosexuals where they meet and give each other sexual pleasure.
Are you going to ratzy tonight?
by Al Mar 3, 2003 share this
2. Ratzy
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to be and act like a dirrty kitty

I SWEAR I didn't know about that when I was like,..9 years old and made this name Ratzy . I felt Ratzy was easy to write and looks cool and have the "Rat" which is my symbol!

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