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Also known as smokingwolf in many other website

My castle in CTC2 PP

http://armor.ag/1RoAq -- Quarantine

http://armor.ag/1RsPt -- So Close

http://armor.ag/1RpUV -- King Bunker

http://armor.ag/1RrGy -- Playing Golf

http://armor.ag/1RrEc -- The Bridge

http://armor.ag/1RrFS -- King Beach House

http://armor.ag/1RrHQ -- I Can't, Can You?

http://armor.ag/1SLlK -- Impossible Bunker

Fly Packet
http://armor.ag/1Rq4v -- Try to Fly

http://armor.ag/1Rq4y -- I Want to Fly Too!

http://armor.ag/1Rq4z -- Get Off My Head!

http://armor.ag/1Rq51 -- Flying House

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