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Hey there everyone my name is Rayneth Rayleonheart I am a Chinese English born Lion-Wolf Hybrid living in the UK long before my father died i used to be part of the Wolf Clan some unexplainable things happened that i i don't want to talk about not long after the war broke out my Grandparents took me into their own clan "the Imperial Lions" seeing as they they were my relatives I was given a rank within the Guild of "officer" I didn't why i was called a Savior my Grandparents Described me as being a wolf with the characteristics & Ferocity of a Lion.Even if my fellow peers looked upon me as being different my Parents will my Grandparents will gave me the strength to push myself forward maybe they were right about me?, was i not right in placing my fate into their own hands ? My life is a Mystery in Search of the Truth "No i'am the one who should asking that question"

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