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[Updated on 10/18/14] Hi, Riou here. I used to be an active user here on AG from around 2008-2010 until I went inactive due to a loss in interest. Most of the people I used to know are probably also gone by now, but I might as well try being active again. We'll see. After a couple of years I've decided to return to AG. With my return, I made an RPG game called Skyfall. Go check it out below and feel free to join! Skyfall --- When I'm not playing games, I tend to be watching Youtube videos. Down below is a link to my favorite Youtuber of all time, Robbaz! He's a Swedish viking with a funny accent who plays video games. Go check him out! Become a Viking! --- I'm an avid fan of video games and swords, but I'm also a big fan of Rock music. I listen to all kinds of it, from Pop Punk, to Metal and even Post-Grunge. If you're looking for some good bands, here's my list. Three Days Grace Breaking Benjamin A Day to Remember Mayday Parade Rise Against Yellowcard All Time Low Linkin Park

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