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  • AIM: To Change My RobotRabbit Form........
  • MSN: I Don't get it?
  • Yahoo: Who uses Yahoo? Oh Yeah hazanator does
  • XBOX Live: Can't be bothered to get one
  • Wii: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, this isn't fun anymore



I am a Robot. I want kitty, kitty look funny, i like donuts and pie, and peanut britttttttlllle, wait no thats a LIIIEEE, i hate peanut brittle, whats the meaning of brittle anyways?
If you know the answer please tell me!
I'm desperate for the answer!
I truly recommend the is thread created by Josh90909! It's a forum game!: … e#newreply
Day and night I'm accused of becoming evil, evil is the thing that haunts me throughout the day...... throughout the night...... I was a processor once, now i'm a lonely robot in the shape of a robot...... heres my picture as a kid:


                  ☆☆            ☆



Swagger crew

if your in the clan you have to put this on (every thing in brackets on this page)}

90% of teens would cry if Justin Beiber was about to jump off the Empire State building. If you're the 10% that would grab a chair and popcorn and yell "Jump Idiot Jump"
Post this on you're profile!

Now if you don't mind my kitty has disappeared....... KITTY YOU WILL BE FOUND!

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