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"A memoir"

April, 2014. An older me revisits his old harbor called Armor Games. The place which has formed his internet self. A dangling, weathered wooden sign is the first thing one can spot. It reads:

"This signpost marks the location of a legacy. The countless afternoons spent on this realm are all now good memories of good days...

Days in which one would enjoy ShellShockLive matches with clan mates...

Days in which one would have a good race on Exit Path against very professional players...

Days when HTML in profiles sounded like a future past...

Days when forum discussions would fuel my thoughts and feed me knowledge...

Oh, what a time well spent! May these sweet memories stay forever!"

And so be it.


Eh, I've run out of time to do things here again. I wished I had not forgotten AG in such a manner. Its potential to make me feel good is still here, yet everything seems so distant... Everyone seems so different...

I just hope I get to reintroduce AG to my routine anytime soon!


If anyone ever need to know about me:
- Name's Ed
- 16
- Brazilian
- Atheist
- I really enjoy having conversations. Leave me a message and I'll return as soon as I remember to log in.


ArmorGames is still awesome.

The best thread I've ever created here.

That's all for now.

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