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Runner was born in Boise, Idaho (because that was the first location I thought of). He was kidnapped by ninjas when he was thirteen, and by the time he managed to escape from the ninjas during a major battle with the pirates, he was nine. Yes. The cave went backwards in time if you weren't a ninja. Therefore in twenty minutes, the pirates were all five year olds. It's super-strong on pirates. I bet you didn't know fish.

Anyways, Runner went to Averett acadamy or whatever that one school is that he went to. Maybe it was fish. No! It was PIE!!!....

He never did drugs. Really. Nor did his sister, contrary to common belief.

Um, to continue. Runner had no family as they all died in a nuclear explosion which was the result of the Hamster Wars in '08. 108, B.C. mind you. Not like 1908, or 2008. That would make too much sense. And by that I mean... fish.

Did you know that 2 + 2 = fish? That's what's up with fish.

So, in conclusion, don't do drugs.

When Runner was 9000, his sister who didn't exsist wrote his autobiography. Yes. She was SOOO amazing in her non-exsistance/death that she could write an autobiography for somebody else. Unfortunately she suffered from a terrible disease made it so she could not write her own autobiography. She could only write her own biography...

But this isn't about It's about me......
I"m done now. Would you like a cookie? Well, too bad. Cookies aren't as good as pie. The end.

...IN AMERICA!!! (inside joke)

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