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Vicious, twisted and delightfully evil(Evil...on occasion), are but a few ways to describe this man. A Juggernaut in paintball, strictly Woods Ball and Mil-sim, excellent tactician in the field and always a team player.
Aside from all his accolades in PB, he is also a musician, poet,artist, philosopher, theologian, and avid constitutionalist. Has an open mind and like to look at debates, ideals, beliefs from all angles. Believes in harmony and tolerance for ALL people, not just the selected few. Champion for human rights, Advocate for those with disabilities. Challenges all type of hypocrisy. Believer in Faith, but not religion. Travels his own path, he knows his destination, so he enjoys the journey.
Is here to have fun while waiting for things to happen. A silly pastime, set up for a quick smile.

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