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NOTE FOR BUSH WHACKERS: I've decided to quit BW2. Reasons are many, but one that I can give - game bored me. I'm sorry I couldn't say proper goodbye to everyone I'm fond of there. This is most likely quitting for good. Gonna miss some of you... but I hope we run into each other in some other gaming universe (I'll try to be SaNNeM always currently, I'm on kong's (it's live for AG too now!) dillo hills 2 as ImaginarySan ). Many hugs (normal, naked, and sweat ones), be good, weird and silly... p.s. My My gnome Hunt game still remains - 24 gnomes, and easter egg basket as hardest quest... also added "pet museum". Cheers! *if you could notify me that you've added me (so I could add back), by posting it on my wall - that would be great, thanks. *

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