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  • SteamID: RighteousFury97, this acount exist because I installed a pc game. (Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II)


Hey! Tired to scroll down all the time? Click on this blue text then.

Don't get over 2.000 AP. You will turn into a butterfly. ;)

I like math, Battlefield 3 and know more than you think about the space. Can speak swedish, english, german and understand some more languages. I Love future games, space games, multiplayer games and most of all love story games and anything else. If you have seen any good love story or space games can you recommend them to me. But for the most I play Shell Shock Live with my friends Gold, Arch and John.
The best I know on this site its to play with my friends. =D

Some favorite pc games are Armies Of Exigo, Homeworld 2, Warhammer 40.000: Dawn Of War and my favorite games of all games here on Armor Games are Shell Shock Live, Vortex Wars, Bad Eggs Online, Exit Path 2, The Last Castle (multiplayer games is my favorite) and you can see my scores in swarm modes (swarm1 and 2 especially) on Outpost Heaven.

I always finding old and new games, I play them, then rate and sometimes a comment or I  fave the game. Thats an explaination why I have rated so many games.

Birthday: Second november.

My Kongregate Acount
I'm just playing ShellShockLive there, nothing else.
Eh... Okay. The truth is that I'm addicted to that site. But AG is still my home.

So if you want to know more about me or just wonder something can you just ask me.

Currently playing/last played: Shell Shock Live 

My best friends I can trust on:


Shell Shock Live Profile

Highest damage in one shot:
256 Fireworks

Highest score in a 1vs1 match:
Xp until level up: Level 40, feels wierd.. No goals...

Xp gained: 94486

Win percentage: 65%
ShellShockLive friends:

Great event:
When I play with my friends.

Vortex Wars Profile

Race: Legionaires

Matches Played: 56
Matches Won: 16
Regions Conquered: 1426
Regoins Lost: 890

Xp until level up: 221

Level: 9

Crystal: 1463

Some of my goals are to have afford with background Night Sky (800Crystals), races Arachnids (2800Crystals), Reptiles (2800Crystals) and Terminators (3200crystals).

Great event:
I was alone but won against a level 7 and level 2, and they where ally.

Bad Eggs Online Profile

Xp Earned: 18980

Win Percentage: 65.8%

Level: 25

Great event:
12 win in a row.

The Last Castle Profile

Wave reached: 25

I need some help to reach higher waves.

Xp gained: 660140

Great event:
Had some great moments.

Colony Profile

Win Ratio: 39%
Rank: 3

Great event:

My created custom level Gravitex 2 code:
start hero,100,240 finish,357.5,209.9 grav,349.45,241.7,0.5 repel,350.5,475.05,0.3;350.5,0,0.3;35.95,241.7,0.3 block,314.5,183.65,0.3,0.3 coin,439.6,268.65,1;348.5,146.5,1;477.7,237.35,1;572.75,433.85,1 end
(Please say what you think about it, I would be happy if you did that.)


Highest rank from Sweden: Zega Rank 4 until he got banned by ArmorGames.

Currently highest rank from Sweden: JohnGarell Rank 49.

Before posting read the Commenting Rules.
And before posting in the forum community read this Forum Rules & Regulations.

P.S I'm always trying to get a different color (not the regular blue) on maps when I invite friends to SSL.


ArmorGames don't need me, so... Leave a message and I will read it sometime. Hopefully in 1 to 5 days.

If you want to find me I'm in Drakensang Online, server Heredur and the name is Khaleén. Or probably in TERA server Fraya, name Dallani.

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