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Some people tell me that love is over rated, that they don't need it. I think it's life, all we need is love to live! You can call me weird, crazy, stupid... I could care less, but I call myself filled with truth, freedom and love!

I am English, born but raised in France, but my accent is clearly that of english. I have bluish silver eyes, you may not call me preppy nor emo! I have brown medium hair, not fat nor skinny, at 124 pounds. I am a singer, going to America for a career soon in 2 years. I love relationships and am full Christian, though I do agree with most of the dumb religion ways!
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I like to show people youtube videos, but since I can't upload any, I will have to give you the links. It goes the same for websites, I like helping people try new things! check out, one of my favourite artists of all time, and someone made a fan site. It can only grow with your help, you get the music videos, pictures and news!

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