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About That is a link to Free Rider 2. With a skate board. =D
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My War-ish Map. xD

Its For BMX

18 1i 2q 1i aa a 172 a 17c k 17c 1i 17m k 17c a 1fg a 1fq k 1fq 18,1fg a 1iu a 1le a 1qo a 1sk -a 1t8 0 1ti k 1ti 18 1ti 1s 1ti 3e 1t8 42 1t8 50 1t8 68 1ti 92 1ti bi 1ti fa 1ti g8 1sk 18k 1sk 1d0,-1s 1i -4m 1i -i4 1i,-4m 1i -4m -34 -42 -34 -8o -5a -de -34,-4c -34 -8o -34,-84 -34 -de -34,-cq 18 -4m 18,-4m u -cq u,-cq k -4m k,-4m a -cq a,-cq 0 -4m 0,-4m -a -cq -a,-cg -k -4m -k,-cq -k -c6 -k,-c6 -u -aa -u -aa -26 -c6 -26 -c6 -u,-b8 -u -b8 -26,-c6 -1i -aa -1i,-5a -u -6i -u,-5a -u -76 -u -76 -1s -76 -26 -5k -26 -5a -26 -5a -18 -5a -u,-68 -u -68 -26,-76 -1i -5a -1i,-4c -34 -4c -2q -42 -2q -42 -2g,-4c -2g -4c -2q,-4c -2g -42 -2g,-d4 -34 -d4 -2q -de -2q -de -2g -d4 -2g -d4 -2q,-cq -34 -cq 1i,-4m -13 -4j -12 -4j -o -4m -n,-3o 1i -3o u,-3e 1i -3e u,-34 u -34 1i,-2q u -2q 1i,-2q u -2g u -42 u,-2q u -2q 18,27i 5k 27s 5k 27s 5a 2ac 50 2am 4m 27s 50 26u 50,278 5k 26u 5k 26u 5a 24e 5k 24o 5a 26u 50,26u 5a 27s 5a,278 5k 278 5u 278 68 278 6i,27i 5k 27i 5u,27c 53 27c 58,27f 56 278 56,25c 5u 294 5u 2a2 76 2a2 84 244 84,294 5u 294 76 2a2 76,294 76 294 84,25c 5u 244 5u 236 6s 210 6s,244 5u 244 84,236 76 244 84,26a 84 26a 8e,26k 84 26k 8e,278 84 278 8e,27i 84 27i 8e,23q 8e 2ac 8e 2am 84,2a2 8e 2ac 84,23q 8e 23g 8e 236 84,23q 8e 23g 84,29e 7g 29o 7g,236 76 20m 76,20c 6i 202 6s 1vo 6i 202 68 1vo 5u 202 5k 20c 5u 20m 5k 210 5u 20m 68 210 6i 20m 6s 20c 6i,20c 63 20c 6b,207 68 20g 68,236 76 236 6s,26u 7e 271 83 27a 80 27i 8e,271 83 26o 7v 26j 8d,26v 7k 26n 7n 26g 7i,26v 7k 276 7o 27e 7i,27h 7l 27c 7f 27k 79,27e 7d 27h 7f,27e 7h 27h 7f,26e 7l 26j 7e 26a 78,26d 7e 26h 7g,26d 7d 26g 7c,24o 5u 24o 68 26a 68 26a 5u,24o 68 24o 6i 26a 6i 26a 68,260 68 260 5u,25m 68 25m 5u,25m 68 25c 68 25c 5u,252 68 252 5u,28g 5u 28g 68 26u 68 26u 5u,26u 68 26u 6i 28g 6i 28g 68,27i 68 27i 5u,27s 5u 27s 68 27s 6i,286 68 286 5u,260 68 260 6i,25m 6i 25m 68 25m 6i,25c 6i 25c 68,252 68 252 6i,27i 68 27i 6i,286 68 286 6i,244 6s 24e 6s 24e 84,24e 76 244 76,24e 7g 244 7g,24e 7q 244 7q,29d 75 29r 72,29g 75 29t 74,29t 76 29r 6u,2qu 5u 2u2 6s 3mo 6s 3qg 7q 3qq 84,2u2 6s 2u2 a0,3mo 6s 3mo a0,3qg 7q 3mo 7q,3qg 92 3n2 a0 2u2 a0,34a 76 3ic 84 3im 8e 3ic 8o 34a 9m 358 8o 358 8e 358 84 34a 76,2qu 5u 2qu 84 2s6 9m 2t4 a0 2u2 a0,3n2 9m 3n2 a0,3n2 9m 3n2 a0,3qg 92 3qq 8o 3r4 8e 3qq 84,e2 a ec k ec 18,mg a n4 u n4 26,-1s 1i -a 1i,0 1i -a 1i,0 1i k 26 k 34 u 26 a 1i 18 1i,4m 18 50 1i 50 2g,8e k 8o u 8o 1i,4lm 1d0 4ke 19s 4lc 1d0 4ko 1d0 4ke 1b4 4ke 1d0 4jg 1d0 4j6 1cc 4j6 1d0 4is 1d0,4gc 1d0 4jg 1be 4gm 1d0,4e6 1d0 4eq 1ag 4eg 1d0,4g2 1d0 4hk 1a6 4fo 1d0 4fe 1d0 4eq 19i 4f4 1d0 4eg 1d0,4ii 1d0 4i8 1cc 4is 1d0,4ds 1d0 4e6 18k 4di 1d0 4d8 1d0 48s 1ag 4cu 1d0 4ca 1d0 4bm 1cc 4c0 1d0 4a4 1d0 4ao 1c2 49q 1d0,48s 1d0 4a4 1cc 48i 1d0,488 1d0 470 1aq 47u 1d0,4mu 18a 54c 1d0 568 1d0 56i 1da 56i 1du 56s 1da 56i 1d0 5bs 1d0 5c6 1dk 5bs 1ei,5bs 1d0 5qs 1d0,4mu 18a 52g 1d0 4vc 1d0 4uo 1be 4v2 1d0 4uo 1d0,4og 1d0 4q2 19i 4oq 1d0,4ra 1d0 4qm 19s 4rk 1d0,4q2 1d0 4qm 1cc 4qc 1d0,4ue 1d0 4s8 1cc 4uo 1d0,4ru 1d0 4rk 1a6 4s8 1d0,4o6 1d0 4mk 1bo 4ns 1d0 4n8 1d0 4ma 1b4 4mu 1d0 4mk 1d0 4ma 1cc 4ma 1d0 4m0 1d0 4ma 1a6 4lm 1d0,5p0 1d0 5uk 1d0 5uu 1da 5uk 1du 5v8 1da 5uu 1d0 664 1d0 66e 1da 66e 1du,664 1d0 69i 1d0 6a6 1d0,43s 1d0 454 156 446 1d0 45o 1d0 44q 1a6 462 1d0,47a 1d0 46m 18k 470 1d0,42a 1d0 43s 1bo 42k 1d0 43s 1d0,420 1d0 3vq 1ag 41m 1d0,3sm 1d0 41c 18k 3t0 1d0 3vq 1d0 3vg 1ag 404 1d0 41m 1d0,4ue 1d0 4s8 1d0,4ru 1d0 4rk 1d0,4ra 1d0 4qc 1d0,4q2 1d0 4oq 1d0,4og 1d0 4o6 1d0,4ii 1d0 4gm 1d0,4gc 1d0 4g2 1d0,4e6 1d0 4ds 1d0,420 1d0 42a 1d0,46c 1d0 470 1d0,46c 1d0 462 1d0,47a 1d0 47u 1d0,488 1d0 48i 1d0,48s 1d0 49q 1d0,6b4 1cm 6be 1d0 6bo 1dk 6bo 1e8 6bo 1es 6be 1fg 6aq 1g4 6a6 1go 69s 1hc 68u 1ik 680 1ik 67m 1ji 672 1k6 66o 1l4 664 1mc 664 1n0 66o 1nu 68k 1pq 68u 1qo 69i 1ti 6aq 1u6 6cc 1ve 6du 20m 6e8 21u 6fg 236 6go 23q 6ia 25c 6js 25c 6na 252 6sk 23q 6ve 22s 82e 22s 82o 236 82o 244 832 236 82o 22s 8ek 22s 8eu 236 8eu 23q,8ek 22s 8p8 22s 8pi 23g 8pi 244 8ps 23g 8pi 22s 8sm 22s 8t0 236 8t0 23q,8sm 22s 8u8 22s 904 228 91m 210 92u 1ug 93i 1t8 94g 1su 954 1t8 962 1t8 96c 1ti 96c 1u6,962 1t8 970 1sk 97a 1rm 97u 1qo,98i 1q4 996 1qe 996 1qo 99g 1r2 99q 1rm 9a4 1sa 9ao 1su 9bm 1ts 9c0 1u6 9ko 27i 9m0 28g 9ns 294 9q2 29e,9bc 1ti 9bm 1ts,bd0 29e bh2 29e,bi0 29e bhc 29e bh2 29e,bhc 29e bj8 27s,bi0 29e bj8 27i bj8 29e bi0 29e,bj8 27i bjs 278 cdg 278 ciq 2bu clk 2cs d74 2cs,bj8 27i bhm 29e,bj8 286 bh2 29e,bgo 29e bj8 28g,bj8 28q bge 29e,bp6 278 bp6 26a bq4 25c c28 25c,c36 26a c36 278,c36 26u bp6 26u,bp6 26k c36 26k,c2s 278 c2s 26a,c2i 26a c2i 278,c36 26a bp6 26a,bpg 278 bpg 26a,bpq 26a bpq 278,bq4 278 bq4 26a,bqe 26a bqe 278,bqo 278 bqo 26a,br2 26a br2 278,brc 278 brc 26a,brm 26a brm 278 bs0 278 bs0 26k,bs0 26a bs0 26k,bsa 26a bsa 278,bsk 278 bsk 26a,bsu 26a bsu 278,bt8 278 bt8 26a,bti 26a bti 278,bts 278 bts 26a,bu6 278 bu6 26a bu6 25m buq 26a buq 25m,bug 26a bug 278,buq 278 buq 26a,bv4 26a bv4 278,bve 278 bve 26a,bvo 26a bvo 278,c02 278 c02 26a,c0c 26a c0c 26u c0c 278 c0m 278 c0m 26a,c10 26a c10 278,c1a 278 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29e,f00 2iq f2g 2j4 f18 2iq,hte 2a2 hte 20m iu8 20m iu8 1vo itu 1vo itu 1ve ivq 1ve ivq 1vo ivg 1vo ivg 20m j2a 20m j2a 29o,hte 2cs i1q 2cs iai 2cs,i3c 25c i3c 260 i3c 26e,i3c 26f i3i 270,i3c 25m i3t 25g i43 254,i3c 25m i2u 25a i2q 24s,i25 243 i28 24d i2b 246 i2e 24d i2h 242,i2j 24c i2n 242 i2r 24d,i2k 249 i2r 249,i2u 24d i2u 242 i34 24d i33 242,i38 242 i3k 242,i3e 242 i3e 24e,i3n 24e i3n 241 i42 241,i3n 247 i3u 248,i3n 24e i43 24e,i46 24e i46 240 i4f 245 i4f 24b i48 24e,i1q 24e i1q 23q i4u 23q,i1q 24e i4u 24e,i1q 24e i1q 278 i4u 278 i4u 23q,i3i 26v i3j 277,i3c 26f i37 26s,i37 26r i37 276,i24 24e i24 278,i24 24e i24 23q,i4k 24e i4k 23q i4k 278,ia8 2cs iai 2cs,ias 2cs ib6 2cs iai 2cs,ias 2cs ico 2cs ihe 2cs iho 2cs is2 2cs j8i 2cs jh0 2cs k2q 2cs kde 2cs,ht4 2cs i16 2cs,j2a 2a2 j2a 29o,k2g 2bu k1i 2bk k26 2ba k2g 2bu k1s 2bk k2g 2ba k26 2bk k26 2bu k2g 2ba,k1i 2bk k2g 2ba,k1i 2bk k2g 2bk k68 2bk k6s 2bk k68 2ba k68 2bu k6s 2bk,k2g 2bu k2g 2ba,k2g 2bu k26 2bk,k26 2bu k26 2ba k2g 2b0 k26 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1cm,5mq 1d0 5mq 1cm,5mq 1d0 5n4 1cm,6b4 1cm 6aq 1cc,6b4 1cm 6b4 1cc,6b4 1cm 6be 1cc,68u 1d0 68k 1cm,68u 1d0 68u 1cm,68u 1d0 698 1cm,60g 1d0 606 1cm,60g 1d0 60g 1cm,60g 1d0 60q 1cm,7ba 22s 7b0 22i,7ba 22i 7ba 22s 7bk 22i,7iq 22s 7ig 22i,7iq 22s 7iq 22i,7iq 22s 7j4 22i,8ou 22s 8ok 22s,8ou 22s 8ok 22i,8ou 22s 8ou 22i,8ou 22s 8p8 22i,8fi 22s 8f8 22i,8fi 22s 8fi 22i,8fi 22s 8fs 22i,7pc 22s 7p2 22i,7pc 22s 7pc 22i,7pc 22s 7pm 22i,95o 1t8 95e 1su,95o 1t8 95o 1su,95o 1t8 962 1su,98i 1q4 98s 1pq,a00 29e 9vm 294,a00 29e a00 294,a00 29e a0a 294,agi 29e afu 294,agi 29e agi 294,agi 29e ah6 294,at2 29e ase 28q,at2 29e at2 28q,at2 29e atm 28q,b2m 29e b2m 294,b2m 29e b30 294,bl4 278 bl4 26u,bl4 278 ble 26u,bl4 278 bkq 26u,c7i 278 c78 26u,c7i 26u c7i 278 c7s 26u,cd6 278 cd6 26u,cd6 278 ccs 26u,cd6 278 cdg 26u,cte 2cs ct4 2ci,cte 2cs cte 2ci,cte 2cs cto 2ci,de0 2cs ddm 2ci,de0 2cs de0 2ci,de0 2cs de0 2ci,dea 2ci de0 2cs,dme 2cs dme 2ci,dme 2cs dm4 2ci,dme 2cs dmo 2ci,e1c 2cs e12 2ci,e1c 2cs e1c 2ci,e1c 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2at,io9 2b9 iob 2c5 io1 2cc io2 2cq,iob 2c4 ioj 2ck ios 2cr,io9 2bf inu 2bj ink 2be,io9 2bf inv 2bn inh 2bk,inj 2bi inl 2ba inc 2b7,ini 2b9 ing 2bd,ing 2bd ink 2be,j2a 2a2 j2a 2cs,j2a 2a2 j3i 2a2 j3i 2ci,j38 2ba j38 2bk,j3i 2cs j3i 2ci,iic 2b0 ijk 2b0 ijk 2bk ijk 2c8 ijk 2ci,ijk 2b0 iju 2b0 ik8 2ba ik8 2cs ii2 2ci iic 2bu iic 2ci,iic 2b0 ii2 2ba ik8 2ba,ii2 2ba ii2 2cs ik8 2ci,ii2 2bu iic 2bu,iju 2bu ik8 2bu ii2 2bu iic 2ci,iju 2bu iju 2ci ik8 2bu,ii2 2ci ik8 2ci,iim 2ci iim 2c8 iim 2bk,iju 2bu ik8 2ci,iic 2bk iic 2b0 iic 2bu,iim 2b0 iim 2bk,ij0 2b0 ij0 2bk ij0 2c8,ija 2bk ija 2b0,iju 2bk iju 2b0,iju 2ba iju 2bu,ijk 2bk ijk 2bu,ii2 2bk ik8 2bk,iic 2c8 iju 2c8,ija 2c8 ija 2bk,b2m 29e b2c 294#T 1sk -1s,T 3mo 5k,T 5fk 1b4,T 82o 20m,T at2 27s,T cto 2ba,T el2 2km,T frq 2bk,T ir4 2b0,B j54 2bk 2q,B j4g 2bk 2q,T k18 2bk,S k42 2b0,S ioa 2b0,S ico 2bk,S i3c 252,S 26u 76,S 29e 6s,S 1sk -1i,S bu6 22i,S c5c 260,S bnp 261,S e6m 2ci,S e70 2ci,S e6c 294,S e38 2ci,S e3i 2ci,O dvq 2cs,O dv6 2cs,O dui 2cs,O dvq 2d6,O dvg 2d6,O dv6 2d6,O dus 2d6,O dui 2d6,O dus 2cs,O dvg 2cs

One of my Favs. Kinda random, but fun!

-18 1i 18 1i 5u 34,18 1i -1s 3e -6i -1s -6i 3e -84 3e -8o 3e -8o 2q -84 3e -ak 3e -bi 3e,-1s 3e -1s -1s -6i 3e -84 26 -84 3e -6i 26,-1s -1s -6i -1s,-6i 3e -1i 3e,-18 1i -1s 1i -1i u -1s u -1i 1i -1i 18 -18 1i -18 18 -1i 1i,-1s 1i -1s 3e 18 3e 18 1i,18 3e -1s 1i,-1i 18 -1i u,-18 18 -1i 18,-84 26 -6i 26,18 3e 8o 3e d4 3e g8 3e mq 3e qi 3e,vi 34 vs 34 vs 2q 106 2q 106 2g 10g 2g 10g 26 10q 26 10q 1s 114 1s 114 1i 11e 1i 11e 18 11o 18 11o u 122 u 122 k,13u k 180 k 19s k 1a6 k 1hm k 28g k 29o k 2b0 -a 2ba -a 2ba k,29o k 2ba k,-8o 2q -84 2q -8o 3e,-2q -1s -2q -2g -26 -1s -1s -34 -1s -1s,-2q -2g -26 -2g -26 -34 -1s -1s,-26 -2g -26 -1s,-26 -2g -2q -1s -3e -34 -34 -34 -2q -34 -3e -1s -5u -3e -3o -3e -3e -3e -3e -34,-2q -34 -2q -1s,-3e -3e -3e -1s,-26 -34 -1s -34,-5u -1s -5u -3e,-5u -1s -3e -3e,18 2g 1s 2g 18 3e,1s 2g 1s 3e,18 2g 1s 3e,4c 3e 4c 34,50 34 50 3e,50 34 50 2q 4c 3e,50 2q 4c 2q 50 3e,4c 2q 4c 34,34 26 2q 26 2q 3e 34 3e 2q 26,2q 3e 34 26 34 3e,42 2g 42 3e,34 2g 42 2g 34 3e,34 2g 42 3e,26 1s 26 3e 1s 1s 26 1s 1s 3e,1s 1s 1s 3e,5k 34 68 34 68 3e,5k 34 5k 3e 68 34,5k 34 68 3e,g -q n -s r -v u -14 17 -14 1j -13 21 -13 2b -17 2g -1d 2j -1n 2j -1u 29 -26,g -q n -10 p -15,u -1s 12 -1g 16 -1t 19 -1a,1l -1t 1a -1s 1c -19,1b -1k 1g -1k,28 -1u 1s -1u 1o -1r 1n -1m 1n -1i 1o -1c 1r -19 27 -19 27 -1j 1t -1j,-2 -1f 4 -18 f -15 p -15,t -1s q -1a,28 -26 1p -26,p -25 a -21 1 -1s -2 -1k -2 -1e,-27 -4u -1n -4a -1t -4u -1s -54 -1n -58 -1h -58 -t -4l -1d -5g -1b -5n,-1n -4b -1j -4i -1o -4i -1k -4o -1r -4o -1k -4v -1t -4t,-u -4m -15 -4i -15 -4s -1c -4o -1c -53 -1k -51 -1g -58,-28 -4u -2n -52 -2u -52 -37 -4s -57 -4e -3m -5k -3k -60 -3m -6c -3t -6j,-1c -5m -18 -5u d -7a -1t -6a -29 -6a -2f -6c -30 -6l,-1k -5d -1f -5g -1d -58 -1j -5d,-1r -68 1 -73 -1i -5v,1 -73 -1n -64,-50 -4i -3j -5h,-3g -5d -50 -4h -3c -58,-3a -51 -50 -4h,0 -72 -1g -5s,-42 -6s -3t -6i,-42 -6s -5u -9m -34 -6s -2v -6l,-5u -9m -3o -6i,-5u -9m -3e -6i,-3e -6s -5u -9m,p -25 1q -26,0 -3e u -34,0 -3e a -2q,0 -3e 18 -2g,de 18 de -c6 1i -c6 1s -bi 26 -bi 2g -au 2q -aa 2q -9c 34 -92 3e -8e 3e -7q,-bi -c6 -bi 3e,-bi -c6 -84 -c6 -84 -bs -8e -bi -8e -b8 -8o -ak -8o -a0 -8e -9c -8e -8o -8e -8e,-2u -a4 -20 -9m,-1u -b0 -2q -au,-4q -b6 -34 -9f,-39 -ai -2g -ac,-s -a0 -k -95,-1j -9g -1m -8v,-u -8u n -7v,-u -bm l -b5,a -9v 1j -8g,2i -6a 1n -68,-1a -81 -26 -7t,-5n -7u -64 -6v,-74 -7m -6p -72,-71 -9l -6i -9b,-6o -b9 -7r -b8,-73 -ac -7d -a0,-6a -ag -5p -ah,-67 -at -67 -bh,-6d -ab -62 -9p,-55 -9r -42 -98,-3c -8g -2r -7r,-26 -7b -1l -7a,7 -5u 14 -5e,6i -c6 6i -cg 6i -do 68 -do 68 -e2 8e -e2 8e -do 84 -do 6s -do 6i -do,6i -cg 84 -cg 84 -c6,84 -do 84 -cg,6i -cq 84 -cq,84 -d4 6i -d4,6i -de 84 -de,7q -do 7q -c6,7g -c6 7g -do,76 -do 76 -c6,6s -c6 6s -do,72 -e6 6u -ee 65 -er 5p -fb 5j -fr 58 -gj 5a -h4 52 -hg,52 -hh 52 -i8 4s -ii 4s -il,4s -im 4t -jd 50 -jj 5b -jq 5j -k1 60 -k2 6d -k7 6n -k7 74 -k7 77 -k6,78 -k6 7p -ju 7r -jq 81 -jm,83 -jl 8f -ji,8i -je 8m -j9 96 -iv 9d -il 9e -i9 9d -ht 9g -hg 9h -ha 99 -gv 92 -gn 92 -g6 8s -g2,8r -g1 8n -fl 8j -fa,8j -f9 8c -et 86 -el 7r -eb 7n -ea 7j -e9 76 -e6 71 -e6,7u -jm 88 -jj 8l -jd,6n -gn 71 -gb,72 -ha 81 -gv,6s -hu 6e -ib,71 -ib 79 -ib,6n -j2 77 -it,82 -ic 87 -hu,7q -hq 7j -hh,7l -g9 7m -f9,72 -ff 78 -fa,79 -et 6q -eo,7g -el 82 -eq,84 -f7 87 -fm,8g -gh 8l -gg,8o -hg 8i -hb,60 -g8 61 -fu,65 -fc 6g -fd,6d -ft 6m -fs,5p -h3 5l -gq,66 -h4 6v -gu,64 -hh 5q -i7,5r -it 6c -j6,63 -jj 6p -ji,6r -k0 76 -jj,79 -jg 7q -j0,8c -iq 8h -ij,8h -i9 8t -i0,94 -ih 8r -if,95 -hl 99 -he,5m -j6 5d -j4,5a -ij 5h -i8,5s -ie 68 -ik,2ba -a 2d6 -a 2d6 k 2ba k,2d6 k 2oe k 2sq k 31g k 366 k 3bg k 3f8 k 3lg k 438 k 43s k 43s -c6 43s -d4 43s -do,43s k 5h6 k,2ba -a 2a2 k 29o k,2bk k 2bk -a,2bk a 2d6 a,2d6 0 2bk 0,2b9 5 2b4 8 2as b,2aq c 2al c 2ah e,2af f 2ab j 2a6 j,2ae f 2aj d,2ao c 2b2 9,2b2 c 2b4 f,2an f 2ar g,2av g 2b4 i,2b7 9 2b6 e,2aj g 2am i,2b8 f 2b6 i,2at h 2ap j,2lk -34 2lu -3e 2mi -3e 2ms -3e 2n6 -34 2n6 -2g,2lk -34 2lu -34 2mi -34 2ms -2q 2ms a 2n6 a 2nq k,2ms a 2m8 k,2n6 a 2n6 -2g,2m8 -2q 2mi -2g,2lu -2q 2lu -2g,2lk -2q 2la -2g,2ga -a 2g0 7 2fk b 2fg k,2g0 8 2g6 h 2gd k,2g8 -6 2fr -b 2fp -j,2g8 -5 2gh -1 2gr -2,2g7 -12 2gh -12 2gh -18 2g6 -18 2g6 -12,2g9 -1c 2gd -1b 2gk -1s 2g2 -1s 2ga -1c,2jk 8 2iq c 2j2 j 2id i,2iq d 2j7 j 2ie f,2jc a 2jn j 2k5 d,2je 9 2jr j 2k7 a,13u k 122 k,vi 34 vi 3e pa 3e,2p2 k 2p2 a,2r8 k 2r8 a,2oo a 2oo 0 2ri 0 2ri a 2oo a,2qu 0 2qu -a,2pc 0 2pc -a,2r8 -a 2r8 -k,2p2 -k 2p2 -a 2r8 -a,2p2 -k 2r8 -k,3lg -1i 3lg -do,3lg -ec 3lg -do,3lg -ec 3lg -r6 3lg -se 438 -se,3nm -5a 3o0 -50 3oa -5a 3ok -50 3ou -5a,3p8 -50 3p8 -5a 3ps -5a,3p8 -50 3ps -50,3p8 -55 3pk -55,3q6 -5a 3q6 -50 3qq -50,3r4 -50 3ro -50,3r4 -50 3r4 -5a 3ro -5a,3s2 -50 3sm -50 3sm -5a 3s2 -5a 3s2 -50,3t0 -50 3ta -5a 3tk -50 3tu -5a 3u8 -50,3ui -50 3ui -5a 3v6 -5a,3ui -50 3v6 -50,3ui -54 3uv -54,3nm -4m 3vg -4m 3vg -5k 3nc -5k 3nc -4m 3nm -4m,412 k 41c a 43s a,41c -2g 41c -r6 41c -se,43s -se 42u -se,2ri -k 2sq -k 2sq k,2ri k 2ri -a 2sq -a,2ri -k 2ri -a,2rs -a 2rs k,2s6 k 2s6 -a,2sg -a 2sg k,14r -k 14q 2 14n g 14l j,14q 2 14s b 14r j,15g -l 15g 9 15g f 15h j,15g 1 15m 9 15t 2,15f -f 158 -e 156 -h 153 -e 14r -e,43s -i4 43s -se,58o k 58o -cg 5ne -cg 5ne k 5bi k,5ne -cg 5oc -c6 5pk -bs 5r6 -bi 5tc -b8 5vs -au 62m -au 65g -b8 68a -bs 6b4 -cg 6v4 -cg,6b4 -cg 6b4 k,5ne k 6os k 6v4 k 6v4 -cg,6v4 k 7je k 7v0 k 86q k 8e0 k 8g6 k 8h4 k 8h4 u 95e u 95e -18 98i -18 98i -u,5e2 k 5e2 -2q,5i4 -2q 5i4 k,5i4 -2q 5e2 -2q,5g8 k 5g8 -2q,5fu -2q 5fu k,5gi -18 5gi -u,5fk -u 5fk -18 5fa -18 5fa -u 5fk -u,5gi -18 5gs -18 5gs -u 5gi -u,5a0 -42 5d4 -42 5d4 -5u 5a0 -5u 5a0 -42,5bi -42 5bi -5u,5a0 -50 5d4 -50,5ls -42 5ls -5u 5jc -5u 5io -5u 5io -42 5j2 -42,5ka -42 5ka -5u,5ls -42 5j2 -42,5ls -50 5io -50,5d4 -6s 5a0 -6s 5a0 -8e 5a0 -8o 5d4 -8o 5d4 -6s,5bi -6s 5bi -8o,5a0 -7q 5d4 -7q,5io -8o 5ls -8o 5ls -6s 5io -6s,5io -8o 5io -6s,5ka -6s 5ka -8o,5io -7q 5ls -7q,5ls -9m 5io -9m 5io -bi 5ls -bi 5ls -9m,5ka -9m 5ka -bi,5io -ak 5ls -ak,5d4 -9m 5a0 -9m,5d4 -bi 5a0 -bi 5a0 -9m,5d4 -9m 5d4 -bi,5bi -bi 5bi -9m,5a0 -ak 5d4 -ak,5bi -34 5a0 -34 5a0 -1i,5bi -34 5d4 -34 5d4 -1i 5d4 -18 5a0 -18 5a0 -26 5d4 -26,5bi -18 5bi -2q 5bi -34,5aa -26 5a0 -26,5io -34 5ls -34 5ls -18 5io -18 5io -34,5ka -34 5ka -18,5io -26 5ls -26,61o -ak 61o -9m 614 -9m,60g -ak 60g -9m 61e -9m,61o -ak 62c -aa 62c -ak 61o -au,60g -ak 5vs -aa 5vs -ak 60g -au,6ia k 6ia -2g 6nu -2g 6nu k,6l4 k 6l4 -2g,6kq -k 6kq -18,6le -18 6le -k,6bo -ak 6kq -ak 6kq -8e,6g4 -8e 6g4 -ak,6g4 -8e 6g4 -84 6kq -84 6kq -8e,6g4 -84 6bo -84 6bo -ak,6bo -9c 6kq -9c,6le -84 6ug -84 6ug -ak 6le -ak 6le -84,6le -9c 6ug -9c,6pq -84 6pq -ak,6kq -76 6bo -76 6bo -50 6bo -4m 6kg -4m 6kq -4m 6kq -76,6kq -5u 6bo -5u,6g4 -4m 6g4 -76,6le -76 6ug -76 6ug -4m 6le -4m 6le -76,6pq -76 6pq -4m,6le -5u 6ug -5u,5vs k 5vs -84 5v8 -84 5tm k,60h -1 60k e 60p k,60h 0 60e e 60e j,60h 0 60h -o,60h -m 60g -10,60h -i 606 -j 5vs -o,60h -n 607 -n 5vt -t,5vo -9b 5vf -8f 5v8 -87 5v7 -82,5vg -8j 5vl -8a 5vl -85,5vo -9a 609 -9i 60e -9p,5vo -9b 605 -9k 60a -9s,65q k 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-1u 7a8 -1s,7ar -21 7au -1u 7b2 -1t,76u a 76u -3e,77d -22 77g -1s,77f -20 77l -1t 77t -1s,7h7 -26 7gv -21 7gs -1t,7h2 -23 7h4 -1s 7h9 -21,8h4 k 8lq -34 8lq a,8lq -2q 8gq k 8h4 k,8gg k 8lq -2g,8lq -26 8g6 k,8fs k 8lq -1s,8lq -1i 8fi k,8f8 k 8lq -18,8lq -u 8eu k,8lq -k 8ek k,8ea k 8lq -a 8m4 -a 8me -a 8mo -a,8dm k 8lq a,8lq 0 8dc k,8co k 8lq a,8lq 0 8m4 0 8m4 -a 8me 0 8mo 0 8mo a 8qq a 8qq -1i 8q6 -1i 8ou -1i,8m4 0 8me -a 8me 0 8m4 0,8mo 0 8mo -34 8ou -34 8ou a,8q6 -1i 8ou -34,8q6 -1i 8q6 a,8ps -k 8ps -u,8qq -18 8qg -18,8qq -u 8qg -u,8qq -k 8qg -k,8qq -a 8qg -a,8qq 0 8qg 0,8ok -2q 8ok 0 8n2 0 8ok -2q,8n2 0 8n2 -2q 8ok 0,8nc 0 8nm 0 8o0 -2q,8n2 -2q 8ok -2q,8oa -2q 8nc 0,8nm -2q 8o0 0,8oa 0 8nc -2q,8n2 -2g 8ok -a 8ok -k 8n2 -26,8n2 -1s 8ok -u,8ok -18 8n2 -1i,8n2 -18 8ok -1i,8ok -1s 8n2 -u,8n2 -k 8ok -26,8n2 -a 8ok -2g,8pu -1r 8po -1r 8pk -1r 8pk -21 8pk -1l,8p8 -1s 8p8 -1i,8p8 -1p 8pf -1o 8pk -1q,95e u 996 u 9di u 9cu 2q 9ca 3e 9ca 4c 9bm 50 9bm 5k 9bc 6i 9bc 7g 9bc rq,920 u 920 -5a 9ca 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gi,als io als ec ao2 gs als io,aoc gs apk gs,apu io apu ec aqi ec ase ec au0 gs arg gs,au0 gs ase io apu io,aua io b0q io,b0q ec aua ec aua io,b0q ec b22 ec b22 io b0q io,b2c ec b3k g8 b3k io,b3k g8 b4s ec,bdu rq d32 rq dfi rq,bdk l8 cdq l8 ccs m6 cc8 m6,cdq l8 cdq r6 bdu r6 bdk r6 bei qi bfg pu bge pa bh2 om c9o om cac om cb0 o2 bge o2 bh2 om,bdk r6 bdk l8 bei m6 bfg n4 bge o2,bdu rq 9bc rq,bd0 qs bd2 re bda rj bda rq,bd2 rf bd3 rl bcv rp,bd0 r0 bdb r4 bdk r3,bd1 qv bdd r0 bdk qt,cec qs ced rf ce7 rk ce8 rq,cec rf cef rl cel rq,cec r2 cdv r5 cdq r1,ceb qu ce0 r1 cdq qs,bei qi bei mg,bei m6 bei mg,bei m6 cc8 m6,bei qi cc8 qi,ccs qi cc8 qi,ccs qi cdq r6,ccs qi ccs mg ccs m6,ccs qi cbu pu cb0 pa cac om,cbu pu bfq pu,bfg pu bfq pu,bfg pu bfg n4 cbu n4 cb0 o2 cb0 pa bge pa bge o2,cbu n4 ccs m6,cbu n4 cbu pu,df8 rq ehk rq,eca qs eck qs,ecu qs ed8 qs,edi qs eds qs,ee6 qs eeg qs,eeq qs ef4 qs,efe qs efo qs,eg2 qs egc qs,eh0 qs eha qs,ei8 qs eii qs,ej6 qs ejg qs,ejq qs ek4 qs,elm qs elc qs,ema 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kn 25 l0 25 l0 2b kn 2b,ju 3d ju 2h io 2h io 1g la 1g la 2f,jv 2i la 2i lb 1u,k6 1o jm 1o jq 1k,jm 1o jq 1q,3lg -1i 3mo -1i 3mo k,3lg -1i 3lg k 3mo k,3me -k 3me -a,3ok k 3ok -18 3p8 -u 3sm -u 3ta -18 3ta k,3ta -u 3sm -k 3p8 -k 3ok -u,3ok -a 3ta -a,3ta 0 3ok 0,3ok a 3ta a,3qv -1d 3qv -u,3qv -19 3r4 -u 3r4 -1d,3qv -19 3ql -11 3qq -t,3qh -2j 3qq -2j 3qi -2d 3qp -2d,3qt -2k 3r3 -2k 3qs -2d 3r3 -2d,3r5 -2k 3rc -2j 3rh -2j,3r6 -2d 3rb -2d,3ri -2k 3re -2c,3rl -2j 3rr -2j 3rl -2c 3rr -2c,3rq -29 3rv -29 3s3 -2e 3s4 -2l 3s2 -2q 3ro -2u 3ql -2v 3qg -2t 3q8 -2m 3q8 -2e 3qb -2a 3qj -29,3qk -2q 3qr -2q 3qj -2m 3qo -2l,3qt -2q 3r3 -2q 3qs -2m 3r2 -2m,3r7 -2r 3rf -2q 3r6 -2l 3rf -2m,3rh -2r 3rn -2r 3rf -2l 3rn -2l,3ra -2k 3r6 -2c,3re -2d 3rj -2d,3qi -29 3rf -27 3rb -22 3rj -27 3rr -29,122 a 12c a 12m a,12c a 12c k,uu 34 v8 34 122 a,uu 34 uk 34,uu 34 uu 3e,14r -j 14q 1 14r b 14r j,14p 1 14m g 14k j,14q -d 153 -d 155 -h 157 -d 15f -e,15f -k 15f 2 15f b 15g j,15g 2 15l 9 15s 2,44q -hg 45o -i4,446 -g8 45e -fu,454 -fk 462 -em,470 -fu 47u -fu,46m -gs 47a -hg,46c -gi 46c -fu,47a -fa 488 -f0,47u -gi 48i -gi,47k -ds 48i -e8,46o -eq 475 -ec,484 -er 49p -ev,491 -g2 49v -gf,48k -ht 48s -h8,47t -hc 48j -h6,47c -ie 48b -ji,46n -i7 46h -hb,47c -hv 480 -i3,46o -iv 459 -kc,463 -i1 463 -h4,48o -e4 4an -e8,4ai -fa 4bk -g9,4c9 -fa 4d3 -eh,4ag -g6 4b7 -gp,4au -hb 4a0 -hv,4b8 -hd 4bu -gp,4aj -gm 49u -gr,49h -he 499 -i7,49q -ig 4al -j0,4b0 -ik 4bl -i0,4b1 -i2 4ai -ht,495 -im 498 -jh,48i -iv 484 -if,49m -j6 4aa -jh,45a -d9 45g -cv,45s -dh 47e -d4,453 -d6 44q -cj,44l -du 449 -dj,455 -dn 45n -dm,45a -ed 467 -e0,46f -dn 47c -dg,46u -dr 46n -ei,47j -dc 489 -cl,47i -cn 471 -ce,46n -cv 46k -ci,45v -cu 46c -cc,48o -cr 49e -d1,48u -dg 48a -d6,49m -d9 49s -dv,4a5 -dt 4aq -d9,4ac -d9 4a2 -cf,4au -di 4c1 -d4,4bc -e9 4bb -f3,4ag -ev 4as -ef,4c0 -e1 4bk -dj,4c4 -ei 4bu -f5#S eue rg,B eue rg b8,S f18 qi,B hc8 qi 2q,B hbu q8 2q,B hbu qi 2q,B hbu qs 2q,B hbk r6 2q,B hbk qs 2q,B hbk qi 2q,B hbk q8 2q,B hbk pu 2q,B hba 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Downhill Domination (BMX or MTB)

-18 1i 18 1i 2g 1i 50 1i 8o 2g m6 ec vs li 1mc 17c 1v4 1b4 27i 1d0 2ac 1d0 2ba 1cm 2c8 1c2 2cs 1aq 2d6 19i 2dg 19s 2dq 1aq 2ee 1be 2fc 1cm 2ga 1d0 2sq 1nk 316 1pq 3h4 25c 3nm 28q 3q6 294 412 29o 4e6 29o 4gm 29o 4hk 294 4ii 27s 4jg 26u 4jq 278 4k4 27s 4ke 286 4lc 28q 4lm 294 4m0 29o 4mu 29o 4q2 29o 4q2 244 58o 244 5cq 244 5cq 29o 5hq 29o 66o 2o4 6cm 2qk 7g0 3nm 7ig 3ps 7jo 3qg 7lu 3r4 7o4 3r4,4gm 29o 4m0 29o,4q2 29o 5cq 29o,7o4 3r4 7oe 3ro 7oo 3sc 7pm 3t0 7q0 3tk 7qu 3ui 7rs 3v6 7s6 3vq 7t4 40e 7te 41c 7u2 420 a34 5om a68 5q8 aa0 5r6 aa0 61e aa0 65q aa0 6mm as4 6mm baq 6mm cdg 6mm ce4 6mm cgu 6nk ciq 6p6 ck2 6qo d66 8as d6q 8bq d66 874 d74 8bq d82 88m d7e 8bq,aa0 5r6 as4 5r6,aa0 61e a9m 622 a9c 62m a9c 63a a92 63u aa0 65q,d6q 8bq d9a 8bq das 8bg d90 89k dai 8bg,d9a 8bq d8m 882 d90 8bq,-18 1i -34 1i -4c u -50 a -68 -a -6i -u -84 -3e -8o -42 -9m -5k -cq -7g -fa -a0 -gi -d4 -io -fk -io -gi -j2 -hq -k0 -jc -ku -jm -mq -ku -no -m6 -p0 -mg -pu -mg -r6 -m6 -rq -l8 -t2 -ka -uk -k0 -10q -j2 -122 -i4 -13k -hq -15g -gi -1f6 -76,-34 1i -34 -1s 2g -1s 2q -1i 2g -1i 2g -1s,2g -1i -34 -1i,-3e -1i -34 -1i,-3e -1i -34 -1s,-3b -1l 2n -1k,2o -1j -3c -1k,-3d -1j 14 -1j,2n -1m -39 -1n -14 -1l,-3a -1l 2c -1m,2n -1l v -1l,-3a -1l -2m -1o,-39 -1m -21 -1l,-36 -1p 2l -1n,2j -1p -37 -1o f -1o,-33 -1q 2f -1r,2j -1o 2 -1o,2g -1q -2s -1q -1v -1q,-1l -1r -34 -1r -h -1p,-2b -1n 13 -1q -25 -1q,4j6 286 4jg 28g,4ke 28q 4k4 294,4j6 294 4is 29e,4ii 28q 4i8 28q,4jq 28q 4jq 294,4l2 294 4lc 29e,4jg 27i 4jg 27s,4k4 28g 4ke 28g,4is 28g 4jg 28q,4ke 29e 4k4 29e,4hk 29e 4hu 29e,4ii 294 4ii 29e,4jg 29e 4jg 294,4ko 28q 4ke 294,4q2 25m 4qm 260 5bs 260,4qm 260 4qm 29o,5c6 260 5cq 25m,5c6 260 5bs 260,4r0 25m 4r0 24e,4rk 24e 4rk 25m,4s8 25m 4s8 24e,4ss 24e 4ss 25m,4tg 25m 4tg 24e,4u4 24e 4u4 25m,4uo 25m 4uo 24e,4vc 24e 4vc 25m,500 25m 500 24e,50k 25m 50k 24e,518 24e 518 25m,51s 25m 51s 24e,52g 24e 52g 25m,534 25m 534 24e,53o 24e 53o 25m,54c 25m 54c 24e,550 24e 550 25m,55k 25m 55k 24e,568 24e 568 25m,56s 25m 56s 24e,57g 24e 57g 25m,584 25m 584 24o 584 24e,58o 24e 58o 25m,59c 25m 59c 24o 59c 24e,5a0 24e 5a0 25m,5ak 25m 5ak 24e,5b8 24e 5b8 25m,5bs 25m 5bs 24e,5c6 260 5c6 29o,4s8 286 4s8 29o,5ak 286 58e 286 4s8 286 4r0 27i 4qm 26u 4qm 26k,4s8 286 4ss 28q 4ss 286 4tg 28q 4tg 286 4u4 28q 4u4 286 4uo 28q 4uo 286 4vc 28q 4vc 286 500 28q 500 286 50k 28q 50k 286 518 28q 518 286 51s 28q 51s 286 52g 28q 52g 286 534 28q 534 286,534 28q 534 286,4r0 27i 4r0 29o,4qm 26u 4qm 26k,5ak 286 5ak 29o,5bs 27i 5ak 286 5a0 28q 5a0 286 59c 28q 59c 286 58o 28q 58o 286 584 28q 584 286 57g 28q 57g 286 56s 28q 56s 286 568 28q 568 286 55k 28q 55k 286 550 28q 550 286 54c 28q 54c 286 53o 28q 53o 286 534 28q,5bs 27i 5c6 278,5bs 27i 5bs 29o,4t6 294 4t6 29o,4t6 294 4tq 294 4tq 29o,4uo 294 4uo 29o,4uo 294 4vc 294 4vc 29o,50a 294 50a 29o,50a 294 50u 294 50u 29o,51s 294 51s 29o,51s 294 52g 294 52g 29o,53e 294 53e 29o,53e 294 542 294 542 29o,550 294 550 29o,550 294 55k 294 55k 29o,56i 294 56i 29o,56i 294 576 294 576 29o,584 294 584 29o,584 294 58o 294 58o 29o,59m 294 59m 29e 59m 29o,59m 294 5aa 294 5aa 29o,567 27i 566 285,567 27m 56e 286 56j 27r,567 27n 561 27v 562 286,4s8 28q 5ak 28q,56j 27q 56j 27v 56o 27v,56j 27q 56n 27q 56n 282 56v 282 56v 27h 56n 27h 56n 27q,56n 27m 56v 27m,58e 27v 58e 293 58a 290 588 29o,58e 292 58i 28v 58k 29n,58e 28b 582 284 57t 27t,58f 28b 58l 28o 58m 291,4tg 285 4tb 294 4th 291 4tn 29o,4tb 293 4th 28t 4tt 29n,4tf 28a 4tk 28n 4tp 28t,4tf 28d 4t5 28p 4t5 28v,as4 672 as4 60q as4 5tc b5q 5tc,as4 60q b5q 60q b5q 5tc,b5g 5tc b5g 60q,b56 60q b56 5tc,b4s 60q b4s 5tc,ase 5tc ase 60q,aso 60q aso 5tc,at2 5tc at2 60q,at2 60g b4s 60g,b4s 606 at2 606,at2 5vs b4s 5vs,b4s 5tm at2 5tm,at2 5u0 b4s 5u0,b4s 5ua at2 5ua,atc 5vs atc 5ua,atm 5ua atm 5vs,au0 5vs au0 5ua,b4i 5vs b4i 5ua,b48 5ua b48 5vs,b3u 5vs b3u 5ua,b3u 5vi au0 5vi,au0 5v8 b3u 5v8,b3u 5uu au0 5uu,au0 5uk b3u 5uk,b4r 5t2 b4r 5tc,b4r 5t4 b4v 5tc b50 5t2,b4r 5t4 b52 5t9 b59 5tb,ar6 5rq aau 5rq aau 5tm ar6 5tm ar6 5rq,ar6 5so aau 5so,aj2 5tm aj2 5rq,aau 648 aau 61e,aau 648 ae2 648 ae2 61e aau 61e,acg 61e acg 648,aau 630 ae2 630,ar6 648 ar6 61e,ar6 648 ao2 648 ao2 61e ar6 61e,apk 61e apk 648,ao2 630 ar6 630,af0 672 ahg 672 ai4 672 ai4 69s,af0 672 af0 68u af0 69s ahg 69s ai4 69s,ai4 68k af0 68k,agi 69s agi 672,an4 672 an4 69s al8 69s,an4 672 aka 672 ak0 672 ak0 69s al8 69s,ali 69s ali 672,ak0 68k an4 68k,af0 6cm ai4 6cm,af0 6fg af0 6cm,af0 6fg ai4 6fg ai4 6cm,ai4 6e8 af0 6e8,agi 6fg agi 6cm,an4 6cm an4 6fg ak0 6fg ak0 6cm an4 6cm,ali 6cm ali 6fg,ak0 6e8 an4 6e8,ae2 6ia ac6 6ia,aau 6ia acq 6ia,aau 6ia aau 6kq aau 6l4 ae2 6l4 ae2 6ia,acg 6ia acg 6l4,aau 6js ae2 6js,ao2 6ia ar6 6ia ar6 6l4,aoc 6l4 ar6 6l4,ao2 6ia ao2 6l4 aom 6l4,apk 6l4 apk 6ia,ao2 6js ar6 6js,as4 6iu as4 60q,b6d 6lo b6d 6ma b6k 6me b6j 6ml,b6d 6mb b69 6mi b66 6ml,b6d 6ls b6f 6m6 b6i 6m8,b6d 6lt b6a 6m6,b6a 6m7 b6b 6ma,das 8bg dbg 8c4 dbg 8ce dc4 8dc dco 8ek ddc 8f8 f9c aqs fde au0 fku b0g fua b1o,d8m 8bq d8c 87o d8c 8bq,d7o 8bq d82 8ai d82 8bq,gna b1o gs0 av8 gnk b1o go8 b1o go8 b1e goi b1o,gqe b1o gq4 b1e gqo b1o gsk b1o,gos b1o gpg b0q goi b1o,gpg b1o grm avs gp6 b1o,gts b1o gsu auu gti b1o,gsu b1o gsk av8 gsk b1o,gug b1o gvo av8 gu6 b1o,gve b1o h02 auk gvo b1o,h28 b1o h0m avs h1u b1o,h1a b1o h0c auu h10 b1o,h02 b1o h02 au0 h0c b1o h10 b1o,h2i b1o h1k auu h2s b1o,h36 b1o h3g aua h2s b1o,h52 b1o h5c auu h4o b1o,h4e b1o h4e auk h44 b1o,h3q b1o h3g b0g h44 b1o,h36 b1o h3g b14 h3g b1o h3q b1o,h7s b1o h8g b0q h7i b1o,hac b1o hac b1e ham b1o hb0 b1o h78 atc hba b1o hbk b1o ham au0 hbu b1o hci b1o,ha2 b1o h9e b14 h8q b1o,h9e b14 hac b1o,h94 b1o h9e b14,h8g b1o h8g b0g h8q b1o,h6u b1o h6k avs h78 b1o h7i b1o,h5m b1o h6a av8 h6a b1o h6u b1o,h5m b1o h60 auu h5c b1o,i58 b1o i9a b2m idm b5g,hcs b1o hba aua hci b1o,hd6 b1o hdq auk hcs b1o,hdq b1o he4 atc he4 b1o,hg0 b1o hee aua hfm b1o,hf2 b1o hee avs hfc b1o hfm b1o,hee b1o heo b14 he4 b1o,hga b1o hiq at2 hg0 b1o,hje aua hlu b1o hm8 b1o hlu b0q hmi b1o hms b1o hoe arq hn6 b1o hng b1o,hlk b1o hje aua,hl0 b1o hi6 b14 hla b1o hlk b1o,hgu b1o hi6 b06 hgk b1o,hhs b1o hi6 b0q hhi b1o,hkc b1o hje b1e hiq b1o hjo b1o,hje b1e hjo b1o,hi6 b1o hje b1e,i58 b1o i32 au0 i4u b1o,i2e b1o i32 auk i24 b1o,i3c b1o i32 b06 i3m b1o i40 b1o,i4a b1o i40 b06 i40 b1o,i2e b1o i32 b14 i2o b1o i3c b1o,hq0 b1o ho4 atc hpm b1o,hp2 b1o hoo av8 hpc b1o hpm b1o,hnq b1o hoe b06 hng b1o,hoo b1o ho4 auu hp2 b1o,ho4 b1o hoe b0q hoe b1o hoo b1o,hqa b1o hpc atm hqk b1o hqu b1o hrs auk hr8 b1o hri b1o,hs6 b1o hva avi hsg b1o hte b1o,i1q b1o hv0 aqi i1g b1o,hvk b1o hvu atc hva b1o,i08 b1o hvu b0g i0i b1o i0s b1o,i16 b1o i0i avi i0s b1o,hum b1o hu2 b0g hv0 b1o hva b1o,hrs b1o hs6 auu hri b1o,hto b1o hu2 b14 hte b1o,gna b1o fua b1o,gos b1o gp6 b1o,gpg b1o gqe b1o,gsu b1o gti b1o,gts b1o gu6 b1o,gug b1o gve b1o,h1a b1o h1u b1o,h28 b1o h2i b1o,h4e b1o h4o b1o,h52 b1o h5c b1o,h7s b1o h8g b1o,h94 b1o ha2 b1o,hd6 b1o hdq b1o,hee b1o hf2 b1o,hga b1o hgk b1o,hgu b1o hhi b1o,hhs b1o hi6 b1o,hkc b1o hl0 b1o,hnq b1o ho4 b1o,hq0 b1o hqa b1o,hrs b1o hs6 b1o,hto b1o hum b1o,hvk b1o i08 b1o,i16 b1o i1g b1o,i1q b1o i24 b1o,i4a b1o i4u b1o,kio de0 idm b5g,kio de0 kk0 dek kli deu kn4 deu koc dek kp0 de0 kpa ddc kpk dd2 kpu ddc kpu ddm kq8 de0 kqi dek kqi deu kqs df8 kr6 dg6 kqi dju kqi eao kr6 eb2 ks4 eao kuk eae l14 e9g l2c e8s l48 e96 l5g e8s l72 e7u l80 e6m l8k e62 l9i e5o lag e62 lb4 e6c lbo e6c lle eko lsa eru m4e evm mdq f26 mqk f34 oa4 f34 ohu f34 ok4 f34 osi f34 osi et6,kr6 eb2 kqs e54 krg eb2,ks4 eao kua e70 kse eao,kuk eae kua e5e kup eac,l2c e8s l2o e7c l25 e90,nlq er0 nlq f0a nlq f0k,8co 4hl 8co 4hg,nlq epe nlq era nui era nvq era o04 era o04 f0k,nme er0 nme epo nnc epo nnm epo,nme eqc nmo eqc nn2 eqc,nok epo nou epo,nlq epe nui epe,no0 epo np8 epo,nok epo nok er0 no0 er0 nou er0 np8 er0,npi epo npi er0,npi epo nqq er0 nqq epo,odi evm oeq evm,oe6 evm oe6 eu4 odi euo,oeq eu4 oeg eu4 oeg eue of4 eue of4 euo oeg euo,ofo euo ofo eu4 ofe eu4 og2 eu4,oeq eu4 of4 eu4,l7b e7j l2o e4g l7e e7e,l48 e95 l1p e1p l3u e94,l1i e99 kv6 e60 l1p e95,ku1 eag ku4 e9k ktr eai,ktf eaj ksn eaf ktn eah,krt ear kr9 dua ks2 eap,l33 e8v l2u e6b l2s e8u,kvt e9u l0r e8l l04 e9s,l5h e8r l54 e63 l5p e8l,l52 e90 l3m e7s l58 e8u,l89 e6d l5v e29 l84 e6j,l7g e78 l62 e3a l7o e71,l8i e62 l99 e4k l8q e61,jme cof jmg coa,nr4 er0 ns2 er0 nsc er0,nro er0 nro epo nr4 epo ns2 epo nsc epo,nsm epo ntu epo,nsm epo nsm eqc ntu eqc ntu er0 nsm er0,nu8 er0 nu8 epo,nu8 eqc nv6 eqc nvg eqc nvg epo nvg er0,nvq epe nui epe,o04 era o04 epe nvq epe#-1s -3o -1s -4m -18 -42 -1s -3o,-u -3o -a -3o -a -4m -u -4m -u -3o,0 -4m a -3o k -4c u -3o 18 -4m,1i -3o 1i -4m 26 -3o 26 -4m,2g -3o 2g -4m,2g -42 2g -4c,2g -42 34 -42,34 -3o 34 -4c 34 -4m,3e -3o 42 -3o,3o -3o 3o -4m 3e -4m 42 -4m,4c -4m 4c -3o 50 -3o,5a -3o 5u -3o,5a -3o 5a -4m,-1s -34 -1s -2g -1s -26 -18 -2g -1s -34,-u -26 -a -26 -a -2q -a -34 -u -34 -u -26,0 -26 a -34 k -2g u -34 18 -26,1i -26 26 -26,1s -26 1s -34 1i -34 26 -34,2g -26 2g -34 34 -26 34 -34,3e -26 3o -34 42 -26,3e -2g 42 -2g,4c -34 50 -34,4m -34 4m -26,5a -26 5u -26,5k -26 5k -34 5a -34 5u -34,68 -26 6s -26 6s -34 68 -34 68 -26,76 -26 76 -34 7q -26 7q -34,2g -1i 2g 1i,as4 6iu au0 6iu au0 6mm,atm 6kq atm 6kg,as4 5r6 au0 5r6 au0 5tc,as4 5tc as4 5r6,atm 5se atm 5s4,nlq f0k nlq f34,as4 6iu as4 6mm,o04 f0k o04 f34#T oe6 f2g,S b6e 6le,S b4s 5so,S 568 278,S 58f 27m,S 4th 27r,B ock f2g e2,B ock f26 e2,B ock f2q e2,B ock f2g e2,B ock f26 e2,B ock f1s e2,B ock f1i e2,B ock f1i e2,B ock f18 e2,B ofo f2g jm,B ofo f2q jm,B ofo f2g jm,B ofo f26 jm,B ofo f1s jm,B ofo f1i jm,B ofo f18 jm,T oe6 f1s,T oe6 f18,T oeq f1s,T odi f1s,T odi f2g,T oeq f2g,T oeq f18,T odi f18,B ock f0k e2,B ock f0u e2,B ock f0k e2,B ofo f0u jm,B ofo f0k jm,B ofe f0a i9,B ocu f0a ff,B od8 f0a gs,B odi f0a gs,B ods f0a gs,B oeq f0a gs,B of4 f0a gs,B oe6 f0a gs,B oeg f0a gs,B oeq f0a gs,B of4 f0a gs,B ocu f0a ff,B ofe f0a i9

The Alphabet Auto (BMX)

-u 5u -1i 8e,-u 5u -a 8e,-1i 7g -a 7g a 76,-1i 7g -26 76,a cg 26 cg 2q d4 2q e2,a cg a f0 26 f0 2g em 2q ec 2q e2,2q do 1i do,bs li bs jm e2 jm,bs li e2 li,a0 p0 bs p0 cq q8 bs rg a0 rg a0 p0,em uk d4 uk d4 10g em 10g,d4 vi do vi,fk 12m i4 12m,fk 12m fk 164,fk 13u h6 13u,jc 18u li 18u,jc 18u jc 1aq li 1aq li 1a6 kk 1a6,fa 1ei fa 1hc,fa 1fq do 1fq do 1ei do 1hc,5a 1rc 3e 1rc,4c 1rc 4c 1su 3e 1su,4m 1su 4c 1su,68 20c 68 1ve,68 20c 68 21a 5u 21k 5a 21k 50 21a 50 210,au 28g au 2ac au 2b0,au 29o bs 28g,au 29o c6 2b0,9c 2kc 9c 2j4,9c 2kc 9c 2l0 b8 2l0,hq 2ng ie 2lk j2 2ms jm 2lk ka 2ng kk 2ng,hq 2ng hg 2ng,ie 34a ie 33m,ie 34a hq 33m hq 34a,bi 35s bi 37o c6 37o,bi 35s d4 35s d4 37o c6 37o,7q 3ea 5u 3ea 5u 3gq,7q 3ea 7q 3f8 5u 3f8,18 3j0 34 3j0 34 3ks 18 3ks,2q 3ki 3e 3l6,18 3j0 18 3ks,-3o 3sc -1s 3sc -1s 3ta -3o 3ta -26 3us,-3o 3ta -3o 3us,-8e 488 -a0 488,-ak 4lc -84 4lc,-9c 4lc -9c 4n8,-d4 4tg -d4 4vm,-ak 4tg -ak 4vm,-c6 53o -b8 550 -aa 53o,-76 54m -6s 550 -6i 54m -68 550 -5u 54m,-5k 5fu -5a 5g8 -50 5fu,-5a 5g8 -50 5gi,-5a 5g8 -5k 5gi,-a 5vi a 606 u 5vi,1s 6qo 4c 6qo 1s 6sa 4c 6sa,2q 6sk 2q 6su 2q 6t8,34 6sk 34 6t8,26 6ti 3e 6ti 3o 6t8#4m 1su 5a 1su,c6 37o d4 37o d4 35s bi 35s,18 3j0 18 3ks,-3o 3ta -3o 3sc,-a0 49g -8e 49g -8e 48s -92 48s -a0 48s -a0 488,-d4 4vm -ak 4vm,a 606 a 614#B -b8 55u pa,B -b8 55k pa,B 1i 3k8 1le,B 1i 3ju 1le,B 1i 3jk 1le,B jc 34a 2eo,B 5k 236 32e,B a bs 382,B l8 180 3dm,B jm 1a6 3dm,B e2 1fq 3gg,B de 1ge 3dm,B 50 6qe jm,B 4m 6qe jm,B 4m 6q4 jm,B 50 6q4 jm,B 1i 6qe e2,B 1i 6q4 e2,B 18 6q4 e2,B 18 6qe e2,T 34 6qe,T a 6i,T 26 bs,T b8 k0,T b8 oc,T em ua,T hq 122,T j2 180,T ec 1e8,T 5k 1r2,T 5k 20c,T ak 28q,T 9m 2km,T hg 2n6,T i4 340,T c6 35i,T 68 3e0,T 26 3ic,T -3o 3ro,T -8e 47u,T -9c 4ko,T -bs 4v2,T -b8 55a,T -6i 54c,T -5a 5g8,T a 60q

Okay, here is a map for BMX. I guess you could call it "The Ghetto" Lol. It's for BMX I guess. =D

-18 1i -18 -k 18 -k 18 -4m -6i -4m -6i 3e,18 1i 18 3e 26 3e 2g 3o 26 4c 1s 4m 2g 4c 2q 3o 2q 3e 42 3e 4c 3e 4c 3o 4m 4c 5a 4m 50 4c 4m 3o 4m 3e 5k 3e 6i 3e 6i 3o 68 3o 5u 3o 5k 3o 5a 3o 5a 3e,2q 3o 3e 3o 3e 3e,42 3e 42 3o 3o 3o 3e 3o,4c 3o 42 3o,4m 3o 5a 3o,6i 3e 76 3e 7g 42 7g 4m 76 50 76 5a 7g 50 7q 4m 7q 4c 7q 42 7g 3e 7q 3e 9c 2q 9m 2q bi 1s bs 1s bs 42 bs 6i,bi 1s bi 26 bi 2g b8 2q b8 34,6i 3e 6s 3o 6i 42 6i 4c,fu 6i fu 2q j2 3o j2 6i jm 6i jm 42 mg 50 mg 6i qs 6i rg 6i rq 6s rq 76 rg 7q s4 76 s4 6s rq 6i t2 6i tc 6s tc 76,mg 6i ls 6i ls 68 mg 68,t2 6i tm 6i tm 6s u0 76 ua 7q ua 76 u0 6s u0 6i 10g 6i 16o a0 16o e2 32e e2,u0 6s ua 6s ua 6i,ua 6s uu 6s uu 6i,uu 6s v8 6s v8 76 uk 76 ua 76,16o e2 -6i e2 -6i 34,18 -1i k -1i a -1s 0 -1s,18 2g k 2q 0 2g -a 2g,68 3o 68 42 5k 42 5k 3o,5u 3o 5u 3e,18 -4c k -4c k -4m,18 -4c u -4c u -42 18 -42,u -42 a -42 a -4c u -4c,a -42 0 -42 0 -3o k -3o k -42 18 -42,0 -42 -a -42 -a -4c 0 -4c a -4c,-a -4c -u -4c -u -42 -a -42,0 -3o -k -3o -k -42,0 -4c 0 -4m k -4m,0 -4m -a -4m,18 -3o k -3o,18 -3e u -3e u -3o,a -3e u -3e,a -3e a -3o,a -k a -u u -u u -k,a -u 0 -u 0 -18 k -18 k -u,u -u 18 -u,18 -18 k -18,-a -u -a -k a -k,-a -u 0 -u,-k -18 -k -u 0 -u,-k -18 0 -18,-u -k -u -u -k -u,18 1s u 1s u 1i,u 1s a 1s a 1i,-18 1i 18 1i,k 1s k 26 18 26,0 1i -a 1i -a 1s a 1s,0 1s 0 26 k 26,-6i 1i -5k 1s -50 1s -4m 1i,-6i -2g -68 -26 -5u -1i,-6i -4c -5u -4c -5u -4m,-68 -4c -68 -42 -6i -42,-5k -4c -5u -4c,-5k -4c -5k -42 -68 -42,-5a -4m -5a -4c -5k -4c,-4m -4m -4m -4c -5a -4c,-50 -4c -50 -42 -5k -42,-3o -4m -3e -4c -3e -42 -3e -3o,34 3o 34 42 3o 42 3o 3o,4c 42 3o 42,4c 42 4c 3o,50 3o 50 42 5k 42,fa 2g c6 1s c6 6i bs 6i,fu 6i fk 6i fa 6i fa 2g,n4 5a q8 68 q8 6i pu 68 q8 68,o2 5k ne 5k ne 6i o2 5k o2 6i ne 5k,no 5u no 68,pu 6i pu 68,pu 6i q8 68,p0 5u om 5u om 6i p0 6i p0 5u om 6i,om 5u p0 6i pa 5u p0 5u p0 6i,p0 5u pa 6i pa 5u,pk 6i pk 68 pa 68 pk 6i,pk 68 pa 6i,17c a0 17c e2 16o e2,1c2 a0 1c2 e2 1cm e2 1cm aa 1hc 7g,1hm 7g 1hm e2 1hc e2 1go e2 1go do 1hc do,1hc e2 1hc 7g,1go do 1ge do 1ge de 1go de 1go d4 1hc d4,1go de 1h2 de 1hc de,1js 7g 1k6 7g 1l4 6s 1l4 e2 1m2 e2 1m2 7q 1qo c6 1qo e2 1rc e2,1rc cq 1ti de 1ti e2 21k e2 228 e2 21u ec 21u em 228 fa 228 em 228 ec 22i e2 23q e2 260 e2 26u e2,23q e2 244 ec 244 em 24e fa 24o fa,244 em 23q f0 23q fa,23q f0 23g f0,260 e2 260 ec 26a f0 26k f0,260 ec 25m em 25c ec,1rc cq 1rc e2,1qo do 1qo e2,1ti do 1v4 do 1v4 e2,1v4 do 1ti e2,1ti do 1v4 e2,76 b8 68 b8 68 bs 76 bs 76 cg 68 cg,5u ak 50 ak,5u ak 5u aa 5u a0 50 a0 50 9c 5u 9c,68 ak 68 a0 6s a0,68 aa 6i aa,68 ak 6s ak,76 ak 76 a0 7q a0 7q aa 76 aa 7q ak,84 ak 84 a0 8o a0,84 aa 8e aa,84 ak 8o ak,92 ak 92 a0 9m ak 9m a0,a0 ak aa a0 ak ak,a0 aa ak aa,au ak au a0 b8 a0 bi aa b8 ak au ak,bs aa bs a0 cg a0,bs aa c6 aa,bs aa bs ak cg ak,7g bs 7g cg,7g c6 7q c6 84 c6,84 bs 84 cg,8e c6 8e cg 92 cg 92 bs 8e bs 8e c6,9c bs a0 bs,9m bs 9m cg,aa bs au bs,aa bs aa cg au cg au c6 ak c6,b8 bs b8 cg bs cg bs bs,c6 cg c6 bs cq cg cq bs,do 26 e2 2g e2 2q e2 34,kk 4c kk 4m ku 50 ku 5a,13a 84 13k 8e 13k 8o 13k 92 13u 9c,17c a0 180 a0 18a aa 18a ak 18a au 18k aa 18a a0 18u a0 198 aa 19i au 19i b8 19s au 19i aa 198 a0 1ag a0 1aq aa 1aq ak 1b4 b8,1ag a0 1be a0 1be aa 1b4 ak,1be a0 1c2 a0,1e8 9c 1ei 9m 1ei a0 1ei aa,1fq 8e 1g4 8o 1ge 92 1ge 9c,1hm 7g 1i0 7g 1ia 7q 1ia 84 1ia 8e 1ik 7q 1ia 7g 1j8 7g 1iu 7q 1j8 8e 1j8 7q 1ji 7g 1js 7g,1qe bs 1qe c6 1q4 cg 1q4 cq,1sa d4 1sk de 1sk do,fu 3e gi 3e gi 34 fu 34,g8 3e g8 3o fu 3o,gs 3e gi 3e,gs 3e gs 3o g8 3o,h6 3o h6 42 gi 42 gi 3o,gi 42 fu 42,g8 42 gi 42,h6 3o gs 3o,hg 3e gs 3e,hg 3e hg 3o h6 3o,j2 50 io 50 ie 50 ie 5a j2 5a,io 50 io 4m j2 4m,i4 5a i4 5k io 5k io 5a,io 5k j2 5k,i4 5a io 5a,hq 50 hq 5a i4 5a hg 5a hg 5k i4 5k,h6 5a h6 50 ie 50,h6 5a hg 5a,hg 50 hg 4m i4 4m i4 50,i4 4m io 4m,gs 50 gs 4m hg 4m,gs 50 h6 50,fu 6i g8 6i g8 68 fu 68,gi 5u gi 68 g8 68,gi 5u fu 5u,gs 68 gi 68,gs 68 gs 6i g8 6i,h6 68 h6 5u gi 5u,h6 68 gs 68,hg 68 h6 68,hg 68 hg 6i gs 6i,gs 5u gs 5k g8 5k g8 5u,fu 5k g8 5k,hq 5u hq 68 hg 68,hq 5u h6 5u,c6 5a cq 5a cq 50 c6 50,cg 50 cg 4m c6 4m,d4 4m d4 50 cq 50,d4 4m cg 4m,de 50 d4 50,de 50 de 5a d4 5a cq 5a,de 5a do 5a,do 50 do 4m d4 4m,do 4m ec 4m ec 50 e2 50 e2 5a do 5a,e2 50 do 50 de 50,de 4m de 4c cq 4c cq 4m,cg 4c c6 4c cq 4c,fa 34 em 34 em 3e fa 3e,f0 3e f0 3o fa 3o,ec 3e ec 3o f0 3o,ec 3e em 3e,c6 2g cg 2g cg 2q,c6 2q cg 2q,cq 2g cq 26 c6 26,cq 2g cg 2g,d4 2g cq 2g,d4 2g d4 2q cg 2q,de 2q de 34 d4 34 cq 34 cq 2q,de 2q d4 2q,c6 34 cq 34,bs 3o bi 3o bi 42 bs 42,bs 4c b8 4c b8 42 bs 42,au 42 au 3o bi 3o,au 42 b8 42,ak 42 ak 4c b8 4c,au 42 ak 42,b8 3o b8 3e bs 3e,au 4c au 4m bi 4m bi 4c,bi 4m bs 4m,m6 68 m6 5u mg 5u,ls 5u ls 5k mg 5k,ls 5u mg 5u,li 68 li 5u ls 5u,li 68 ls 68,uk 6s uk 76,vi 6s vi 6i,vi 6s v8 6s,vs 6s vs 76 v8 76,vs 6s vi 6s,106 6s 106 6i,106 6s vs 6s,16o b8 16e b8 164 b8 164 bi 16o bi,16e b8 16e au 16o au,16e bi 16e bs 16o bs,164 bs 16o bs,164 bs 164 c6 16o c6,15q c6 15q cg 16e cg 16e c6,16e cg 16o cg,15q c6 16e c6,15q b8 15q au 16e au,15q b8 16e b8,156 bs 156 bi 15q bi 15q bs 156 bs,15q bi 164 bi,15q bs 164 bs,164 cg 164 cq 16o cq,17c do 180 do 180 de 17c de,17m de 17m d4 17c d4,18a d4 18a de 180 de,18a de 18k de 18k do 180 do,18a d4 17m d4,18u d4 18a d4,18u d4 18u de 18a de,180 d4 180 cq 17c cq,1c2 bi 1bo bi 1bo bs 1c2 bs,1be bs 1bo bs,1be bs 1be c6 1c2 c6,1bo c6 1bo cg 1c2 cg,1be cg 1c2 cg,1be cg 1be cq 1c2 cq,1b4 cg 1b4 c6 1be c6,1b4 cg 1be cg,1cm b8 1da b8 1da bi 1cm bi 1d0 bi 1d0 bs 1cm bs,1da bi 1dk bi 1dk bs 1d0 bs,1d0 b8 1d0 au 1cm au,1dk au 1dk b8 1da b8,1dk au 1d0 au,1du b8 1du bi 1dk bi,1du b8 1dk b8,1da au 1da ak 1cm ak,1h2 do 1h2 de,1g4 do 1g4 e2 1ge e2,1g4 do 1ge do,1fg do 1g4 do,1fg do 1fg e2,1g4 de 1g4 d4 1go d4,1g4 de 1ge de,1l4 84 1kg 84 1kg 8e 1l4 8e,1kq 8e 1kq 8o 1l4 8o,1kg 8o 1kg 92 1l4 92,1kg 8o 1kq 8o,1kq 92 1kq 9c 1l4 9c,1kg 9c 1l4 9c,1kg 9c 1kg 9m 1l4 9m,1kq 9m 1kq a0 1l4 a0,1js a0 1kg a0 1kg aa 1js aa 1js a0,1kg a0 1l4 a0,1l4 aa 1kg aa,1k6 a0 1k6 9m 1kq 9m,1hm au 1i0 au 1i0 b8 1hm b8,1ia b8 1i0 b8,1ia b8 1ia bi 1hm bi,1iu bi 1ia bi,1iu bi 1iu b8 1ia b8,1ik bi 1ik bs 1i0 bs 1i0 bi,1ik bs 1ia bs 1ia c6 1hm c6,1i0 bs 1hm bs,1m2 d4 1mm d4 1mm cq 1m2 cq,1mc cq 1mc cg 1m2 cg,1n0 cg 1n0 cq 1mm cq,1n0 cg 1mc cg,1n0 cg 1nk cg 1nk cq 1na cq 1n0 cq,1na cq 1na d4 1mm d4,1o8 cg 1nk cg,1o8 cg 1o8 cq 1nk cq,1m2 c6 1mm c6 1mm cg,1mm c6 1na c6 1na cg,1n0 c6 1n0 bs 1mc bs 1mc c6,1mc bs 1m2 bs,1mm bs 1mm bi 1mc bi 1m2 bi,4m 8o 4m cq,68 d4 4m d4 4m cq,68 d4 d4 d4 d4 8o de 8e 4c 8e 4m 8o d4 8o,4c 8e 4c de 4m d4,4c de de de d4 d4,de de de 8e,5a b8 5a bi 5a bs,5k b8 5k bs,50 c6 5a cg 5k cg 5u c6,286 e2 286 do 2ba bi 2ba e2 2bu e2 2bu b8 2fm 92 2fm 9c 2g0 9c 2gk 9c 2gk 92,286 do 26u e2,286 do 2ba bi,2fm 92 2j4 92 2j4 9c 2je 9m 2je a0,2j4 92 2jo 92 2jo e2,2je 9m 2j4 a0,2l0 e2 2lu e2,2km e2 2lu e2,2k2 e2 2k2 92 2km 92 2l0 9c 2u2 9c 2u2 do 2u2 e2 2l0 e2,2vk e2 2vk a0 33m a0 340 a0 34a a0 35i 9c 35s 9m 35s a0,33m a0 340 aa 340 ak 340 au 34a au,340 au 34a b8,2vk e2 2u2 e2,35s e2 35s a0,2vk e2 35s e2,210 e2 21a ec 21a em,2bu c6 2c8 c6 2c8 cg 2bu cg,2ci cg 2c8 cg,2ci cg 2ci cq 2bu cq,2c8 cq 2c8 d4 2bu d4,2cs cq 2ci cq,2cs cq 2cs d4 2c8 d4,2dg cq 2cs cq,2dg cq 2dg d4 2cs d4,2d6 cg 2d6 cq,2d6 cg 2ci cg,2d6 d4 2d6 de 2ci de 2ci d4,2bu de 2ci de,2g0 92 2g0 9c,2ga 9c 2ga 9m 2gu 9m 2gu 9c 2gk 9c,2h8 9c 2h8 92,2h8 9c 2gu 9c,2hi 9c 2h8 9c,2hi 9c 2hi 9m 2gu 9m,2hi 9c 2hs 9c 2hs 92,2ig 9c 2hs 9c,2ig 9c 2ig 92,2i6 9c 2i6 9m 2hi 9m,2iq do 2i6 do 2hi do 2gu do 2gu e2,2i6 do 2i6 e2,2hi do 2hi e2,2km e2 2bu e2,2iq do 2iq e2,2je do 2iq do,2j4 do 2je do 2je e2,2j4 do 2j4 de 2ig de 2ig do,2hs do 2hs de 2ig de,2i6 de 2i6 d4 2iq d4 2iq de,2h8 do 2h8 de 2hs de,2jo au 2je b8 2j4 b8 2iq b8,2k2 aa 2km aa 2km a0 2k2 a0,2kc aa 2kc ak 2k2 ak,2l0 aa 2km aa,2l0 aa 2l0 ak,2km ak 2kc ak,2km ak 2l0 ak,2km au 2km ak,2km au 2k2 au,2la ak 2l0 ak,2la ak 2la au 2km au,2lu ak 2la ak,2lu ak 2lu au 2la au,2l0 aa 2la aa 2la a0 2km a0,2kc e2 2kc do 2l0 do 2l0 e2,2km do 2km de 2la de 2la do 2l0 do,2lk do 2la do,2lk do 2lk e2,2lk do 2m8 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cq,3bq cq 3bq e2,3as e2 3as cq,38m de 39k de 39a d4 39k cq 39k d4 39a d4 39a de 390 d4 38m de,39k de 39k cg 39k c6 38m c6 38m de,39a d4 39a cq 390 cq 39a d4,39a cq 390 cg 39a cg 39a cq 39k d4,39a cg 390 cq 390 d4 39a d4,390 cq 390 cg,39a de 39k d4,390 d4 390 de 39a d4,390 d4 38m d4 390 d4 39a cq 39k cq,38m d4 390 cq 38m cq 390 d4,38m d4 390 de,3h4 d4 3h4 bs 3h4 bi 3c4 bi 3c4 d4 3h4 d4,39k au 3fi au,3g6 au 3fi au,38c 9m 38c a0 390 a0 39a a0 39k a0,390 a0 390 aa 38c aa,39a a0 39a 9m 38m 9m 38c 9m,39k au 39k 9m 3fs 9m 3g6 9m 3ho 9m 3ho au 3he au,38c 9c 38c 9m,39u a0 3ai a0,3a8 a0 3a8 ak,3as ak 3as a0,3as aa 3bg aa,3bg a0 3bg ak,3bq ak 3bq a0 3ce a0,3bq aa 3c4 aa,3bq ak 3ce ak,3d2 ak 3d2 a0,3d2 aa 3dc ak,3d2 aa 3dc a0,3dc aa 3dm aa,3e0 ak 3e0 a0 3ea ak 3ek a0 3ek ak,3eu ak 3f8 a0 3fi ak,3eu aa 3fi aa,3fs ak 3fs a0 3gg a0 3gg aa 3fs aa 3gg ak,38c 9c 3h4 9c 3i2 9c 3ic 9m 3ic a0 3i2 aa 3i2 ak,3i2 9c 3im 9c 3im e2,3gq a0 3h4 a0 3h4 ak,3he a0 3h4 a0,3g6 au 3he au,3ea d4 3ea c6 3gq c6 3gq d4,3ea 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