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Though people often say the Bible is an outdated book, it actually tells of the past, present and future. In Revelation (last book of the Bible) it talks about Christians being Raptured, after the Rapture, a person will rise to power (the antichrist) and make a one world currency and will unite the world in one faith. This person will cause chaos while pretending to promote peace. There will also be people who become Christians after the Rapture and they will endure the hardest seven years of their lives. Many phenomenon will happen during this time. Luke 21: 6-28 is an excellent example of what is happening today. Another great place to hear about this is the Left Behind series. Though many people will try to predict when the Rapture will occur, no one can know, but based upon the events that are occurring in the world right now, many Christians believe it will happen soon.

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