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I rarely ever log on anymore. All of this stuff below was wrote probably before May 2010. If you want to contact me find me on Xbox Live. My gamertag is to the left.
Hey if you want to know something about me
I always wanted to design video games
so if you could PLEASE hook me up with someone that'd be great. I love zombie games like last stand series( just needs save button )
If you want to play Last Stand: Union City got to

This faves list is from mid 09 I think. Im just too lazy to update it.

top 10 fave games

10. Halo 2

9. Rock Band 2

8. Guitar Hero World Tour

7. Gears of War

6. Sims 2

5. Left 4 Dead

4. Fallout 3

3. Saint's Row 2

2. Call of Duty 4

1. HALO 3 !!!

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