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¬°PERHAPS! the Game I like most on here is Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack, Can't wait for the 3rd one!. But Sonny 2... I still have to hope that there will be a 3rd.
(Wasted Youth is a VERY mature game play at your own risk). I can never make another castle untill I have good inspration to stop playing Kingdom Rush and Shell shock live, it's sucking out my ideas!

Favorite Genre list (This list is always going to change)

1. Strategy

2. Action

3. P&S

4. Adventure

5. Arcade

6. Misc

7. Shooting

8. Sports
Favorite game: CTC2PP
Castle Idea NumberSystem Under Repair)
About me and the AGWG,

When Armor Games was made, I was just a little pixel still blooming into what I am today. But it wasn't untill a few weeks ago I finnaly got through The Great Wall of Fire, and that ended up allowing me to create a "profile" as you people say.

As soon as I had a profile, I put into the search bar "Crush the..." and that lead me to CTC2PP, and in that game I created my first and worse castle ever, The Kings Outpost. But that castle had inspired me to make more. Soon after my first castle was made, I launched a catapult that started it all, yes the Peasant catapult! Later on came the second catapult and soon after came my star castle, The Pesant Trebuchet. And the next day, The Pesant Mortar. Although many people like my Pesant Trebuchet, it wasn't my favorite castle, but my favorite castle is still my Unnecessary Castle.

You will find that almost every castle I make has a story behind it, and I put the storys into three different catagories,
1. Main Castle Story
2. Secondary Castle Story
3.Independent Castle story
Every castle that is not Independent links up together.

You will also find that there are a few recurring charicters. And they are on two sides... Friend or Foe
1. The Redovian People
2. The Noble
3. The Political Friend

1. ???
2. The Baron of Barrels
3. The Steel Barron
4. ???
5. The Ice Men
6. The Wizard of Doors

Be on the look out for new Friends... but with a new ally comes a new foe...

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