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  • Member since: 6/20/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: To make the world a better place to live...not
  • XBOX Live: Yes i have one and i love it^^
  • Wii: I want one X_X
  • PSN: No way i hate PS3!!!!!!
  • SteamID: Yes i have one


I'm back again from my last account chillskill^^

Welcom to my profile.



My best map so far:

-18 1i 18 1i 5j 1i 5i -2r 6n -41 75 -5v,5i -2r -5p -2r -5p -3k -30 -2s,-5p -2r -5p -27 5i -26,-19 1j -7n 1j,-7n 1i -7k 1j,-7o 1j -k7 1j,-k8 1j -mh 7,-mi 7 -nm -29,-nm -28 -ne -4o,-ne -4r -m3 -6u -k9 -8b -9t -8a,-c2 -30 -jv -31,-c2 -30 -c2 -3r -ej -31,-7l 1j -8q o -9v 1i,-k0 -31 -k0 -2d -c1 -2b -c2 -31,-h6 -30 -h6 -2e,-9t -8b -9t -97 -6h -89 -9t -8a,-9u -97 -k7 -98 -md -7k -o0 -57 -od -2b -n6 c -kh 21 5j 21 66 21 65 -2f 78 -3j 7n -5o 7o -87 78 -8c,-k7 -98 -k9 -8c,-k7 -98 -108 -9a,-kh 21 -k8 1k,-kh 21 -ki ak,5j 21 5j 1h,7o -87 6p -aa 6c -a7,6p -aa 4q -ce 4h -c6,4q -ce 2q -dg -12 -di,75 -60 77 -8c 6b -a7 4g -c6 2m -d2 -13 -d3,2p -dg 2n -d3,7n -5n 75 -5u,64 -2e 5i -2r,-n7 b -mj 7,-nn -2a -od -2b,-nd -4q -o1 -57,-me -7l -m3 -6u,-em -98 -em -8b,-13 -di -13 -d4,-109 -9a -21u -65,-10a -99 -10b ap,-uf 9j -v2 a0 -vk af -vu b2 -10f ap -110 ac -11n a5 -12b a1 -13c 9k -144 9m -153 ad -15v ao -16o am -170 9p -16r 8t -178 7t -180 7o -18e 8c -18p 8u,-18n 8n -19g 8n -1a7 8m -1b1 8k -1bt 8e -1cm 8s -1dl 9c -1ei 9k -1ff 9m -1g7 9i,-1ft 9i -1gh 91 -1gu 87 -1he 79 -1i5 6r -1j2 7e -1js 88 -1ko 8l -1ll 8v -1mn 98 -1na 9o -1nv ah -1op bf -1pm cc -1qh cv -1rb df -1s4 dn,-1r5 d9 -1ru d5 -1so cu -1tk c6 -1ud bq -1v9 bp -209 c3 -216 cd -21u c8 -22d bl,-20o 84 -21g 8d -224 8q -22t 9i -23c aa,-20o 84 -201 83 -1v2 7q -1u5 7n -1te 81 -1su 91 -1t0 9o -1tk ab -1ua an -1v4 b2 -1vq ba -20h bg -216 bm -224 bq,-22d bm -21v bq,-22h 93 -23a 8u -242 8l -24v 83 -25m 7n -268 73 -271 7a -27p 80 -28k 88 -29i 89 -2a9 87,-21v -65 -1r4 d9,-1qq d4 -21m -66,-10j -98 -10k al,-k8 -99 -mb -a1 -109 -a1 -225 -6p -22a -6h -22a -6a -229 -65 -226 -5t -223 -5u -220 -63 -21u -66,-22h -62 -22n -5s,-22n -5t -22o -5l -22n -5e -22i -5d -22d -5d -228 -5h -228 -5l,-228 -5m -22a -5u -22g -63,-22r -4t -232 -4o -22t -4i,-22t -4j -22o -4k -22k -4o -22q -4u,-225 -53 -22b -4k,-22b -4l -224 -4f -21u -4k -21r -4u -224 -55,-22l -3t -230 -3k,-22v -3l -22m -3d,-22n -3d -22f -3h -22b -3p -22l -3t,-22f -4c -22j -4a,-22j -49 -22f -46 -22b -47,-22b -48 -22f -4c,-uf 9i -tq 98 -t3 8r -s3 8f -qq 85 -pg 85 -o4 8i -ml 96 -lc a2 -ka ar -jj bi -ir bs -i2 bd,-ia bg -hq as -hb a8 -ge 9f -fh 8o -eg 8b -dj 87 -cd 8l -bi 9d -aq a9,-ba 9n -ag 9e -9p 92 -8s 8b -82 7g -76 6r -6b 68 -5d 5s -47 6f -37 7a -2a 8b -1j 9a -10 a7 -k b1 -e bn,-m at 9 aj 19 ac 2e 9v 3j 9l 4n 9j 5q 95 6p 8f 7s 7k 8n 6s 66 1o,-1h2 -7n -1gu 88,-1gn 8k -1gn -7o,-kb aq -ka 22,-5k 21 -5k 5u,-5a 5t -5b 21,60 21 8g 72,-29l 89 -2a7 7n -2ap 75 -2bc 6m -2bo 5u -2c6 4t -2ck 4a -2d9 3l -2dh 2p -2dj 22 -2e4 12 -2el b -2er -9 -2fj -g -2gb -e -2h1 -d,-2h2 -d -2l9 -d -2ll 0 -2lp v -2lt 1q -2lh 2k -2l2 3b -2kq 4a -2kp 54 -2ks 5t -2ko 6r -2kp 7k,-2kq 6v -2lc 7e -2lt 83 -2mh 8v -2nl 90 -2of 8u -2p7 8q -2p7 84 -2p1 74 -2pc 6h,-2p3 6u -2om 6a -2ot 5k -2pj 52 -2pr 4a -2pe 3i -2pt 2n -2ql 2k,-2pv 2n -2q9 23 -2q4 1d,-2q5 1d -305 1c -30i 1u -30r 2u -30m 3l -301 4b -2vh 4q,-306 48 -30f 51 -30i 60 -30e 6q -309 7n -30l 8k -30q 99 -30k 9u -30q ag -309 aq,-30f an -314 b2 -31s ap -32c a6 -337 9m -33s 9n -34n 9i,-342 9o -34g 95 -34u 8h -35d 7v -365 78 -365 6i -36q 62 -37d 6g -38a 6f -39b 66 -3a3 6a -3as 6a -3bk 6c -3ch 6u -3d7 7k -3di 89 -3di 8v -3d0 9a,-3dg 82 -3ea 82 -3f5 83 -3g7 7i -3h2 74 -3hs 70 -3ij 7l -3ji 8b -3kf 8p -3le 8v -3ml 8t -3nk 90 -3oi 91 -3pa 9e -3pu 9q,-3pv 9q -47d 9q,-47e 9q -47e a1 -47m a1 -47m a8 -47u a8 -47u af -486 af -486 al -48f al -48f as -48o as -48o b2 -492 b2 -492 ba -49a ba -49a bh -49j bh -49j bm -49q bm -49q bs -4a3 bs -4a3 c1 -4ab c1 -4ab c7 -4ak c7 -4ak cd -4as cd -4as cj -4b5 cj -4b5 cp -4be cp -4be cu -4bn cu -4bn d4,-475 9r -475 d4 -4d6 d4,-54k d3 -54k 9t -546 ab -53m aq -535 b8 -52j bl -51v c0 -51b cb -50j co -503 cu -4vi d1 -4v3 d2,-54k 9t -535 d2,-4vi d1 -54k bu,-54k d2 -4d6 d4,-54j 9t -54a d0,-54j 9u -53u d2,-54j 9u -53j d2,-54j 9u -52o d2,-54j 9u -52b d2,-54j 9v -51u d1,-54d a6 -51c d2,-53s an -510 d2,-52t be -50m d1,-4vl d1 -54k cp,-4ve d2 -54j cg,-4vl d1 -54j c6,-4vi d2 -54j bk,-4vk d1 -54k b9,-515 cf -54k av,-51f c8 -54l an,-52l bk -54k ag,-54k d2 -5nt d2,-57u d2 -57u 91,-5f5 c8 -5c5 c8 -5c5 al -5f5 al -5f5 c8,-5fa cd -5bu cd -5bu af -5f9 af,-5fn 91 -5fn d1,-5fb af -5fb cd,-5fb af -5f7 af,-5al d1 -5al ae -596 ae -596 d1,-5af bn -5ab bn -5aa bq -5ab bt -5ae bt -5ag bq -5af bn,-5f6 96 -5f6 a4,-58f 97 -58f a0,-58f a3 -58f 9u,-5e2 9a -5e2 9f -5e9 9e -5ee 9e -5eh 9h -5ef 9l -5eb 9n -5ea 9q -5ea 9t -5ed a0 -5ej a1 -5eq 9v -5et 9r -5es 9n -5eo 9n -5ep 9r,-5e2 9f -5dq 9f -5dq a0 -5dk a0 -5dk 9f -5d8 9f,-5en 9t -5ej 9t -5eg 9q -5ej 9n -5ek 9i,-5el 9i -5eh 9c -5ec 9a -5e3 9a,-5eq 9q -5en 9t,-5d8 9a -5e2 9a,-5d8 9i -5d8 9o -5d4 9u -5ck 9u -5ch 9o -5ch 9h -5ck 99,-5f6 a3 -58f a3,-58f 96 -5f6 95,-5fn 90 -57u 91,-5cl 99 -5d5 99 -5d8 9g,-5d9 99 -5d8 9e,-5cu 9f -5cq 9f -5co 9j -5co 9n -5cq 9q -5cu 9p -5d1 9m -5d2 9i -5cv 9f,-5ca 9a -5ca a0 -5c3 9v -5c3 9n -5bu 9v -5bm 9u,-5bn 9u -5c0 9l -5bs 9j -5bq 9e -5bu 99 -5ca 99,-5c6 9c -5c6 9h -5c2 9h,-5c1 9i -5bu 9e -5c6 9c,-5bh 9a -5bh 9v -5at 9v -5at 9p -5bb 9p -5bb 9k -5b5 9k -5b5 9g -5bb 9g -5bc 9c -5al 9d -5al 98 -5bi 98 -5bh 9d,-5jc d1 -5iu bj -5kn bj -5k6 d1,-5k1 bj -5jo 8f -5jd 7e,-5jn bi -5jf 8h -5j5 7h,-5j4 7g -5i8 7a -5hk 7q -5hh 8g -5hc 7r,-5hc 7q -5hu 71 -5j4 7c,-5j4 7b -5i3 6i -5hd 6s -5ha 79 -5h8 6q -5hv 66 -5j3 77,-5j4 77 -5if 63 -5ht 5q -5h9 66 -5hr 5h -5ik 5p -5j8 71 -5j5 5q -5jg 51,-5jh 51 -5k7 4p -5jn 53 -5jg 5p -5jd 6v -5kc 5r -5l4 5j -5lo 5v -5l4 5p -5kg 63 -5ji 6v,-5jj 6v -5kn 6n -5lh 72 -5lp 7i,-5lo 7i -5ld 76 -5kk 70 -5jj 73 -5ki 7f,-5ki 7g -5ks 85 -5km 8n,-5km 8o -5km 86 -5ka 7m -5jg 78 -5k4 82 -5k1 8t -5jt 93 -5jt 8t -5js 84 -5jd 7d,-5k2 bi -5kt 9p,-5kc bi -5l6 9t -5lr 9u -5m1 ag,-5m2 ag -5m1 9s -5lp 9k -5l8 9o -5m3 99,-5m4 99 -5mj 9j -5mk 9u -5mp 9j -5m7 8u -5l9 9k -5lu 8p -5mg 8j -5ms 8p,-5mt 8n -5mj 8d -5lt 8g -5la 9e -5l8 8u -5l1 8m -5ki 8s -5kt 8q -5l3 92 -5l7 9f -5kl 95 -5k5 9b -5k1 9n -5k8 9g -5kl 9d -5l2 9g,-5l2 9h -5kb 9n -5k5 9v -5k4 aa -5ka a0 -5kj 9q -5kt 9o,-5nu d2 -5nu 98 -5om cv,-5nu 97 -5oc 9m -5os a5 -5pb ah -5pq at -5qa b7 -5qr bi -5rd bs -5s0 c5 -5sj ce -5t3 ck -5ti cp,-5nv d1 -5vt cs -7h5 cs -7h5 bg,-5tj cp -5u2 cs,-5nu 99 -5o8 d0,-5nv 99 -5p2 d0,-5nv 99 -5pf d0,-5nv 99 -5pt cv,-5nv 98 -5q8 cv,-5nv 99 -5ql cu,-5o4 9e -5r4 cu,-5oe 9q -5rh cu,-5ol 9v -5ru cu,-5ph am -5sa cu,-5q4 b4 -5sm ct,-5qq bi -5t5 ct,-5u1 ct -5nu cp,-5u1 cs -5nv cg,-5u0 cs -5nv c7,-5tv cs -5nu bv,-5tt cs -5nv bm,-5tu cr -5nu bd,-5sq ch -5nu b4,-5sg cd -5nu as,-5s8 c9 -5nu ai,-5re bu -5nu aa,-5r1 bm -5nu a2,-7h5 bf -7gk bo -7g2 c0 -7ff c8 -7eq cf -7e6 ck -7dk co -7d3 cr,-7h6 cs -7pu cs,-7pv cr -7u3 cr -87h cr,-7lg cr -7lg b4 -7la b1 -7l1 b0 -7kn b0 -7kf b2 -7kf cq,-7lb bb -7lb bk -7kk bk -7kk bc -7lb bc,-7kf co -7kf cr,-7mf cs -7mf bh -7ti bh,-7ti bm -7mf bm,-7mk bn -7mk cq,-7q5 bm -7q5 cr,-7q1 cq -7q1 bm,-7oh bm -7oh cr,-7od bn -7od cr,-7s1 bn -7s1 cq,-7rt bm -7rt cq,-7tj bh -7tj cr,-7tf bn -7tf cr,-7rd fu -7rg fr,-69j 85 -69j 8e,-69j 84 -69e 8e -699 85 -699 8e,-690 84 -694 8e,-68v 83 -68s 8e,-692 8a -68u 8a,-68o 83 -68o 8e,-68o 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-bjh up -bkd u5 -bl6 tu -blt te -bmq so -bo0 s4 -bp1 rl -bpt r5 -bqs qg -brp pt -bsh pj -bt6 ot -btp o3 -bua nh,-btm o6 -btv ng -buc ms -btd o2 -bsm oo -bre pp -bof ro -bmq so,-buc ms -bv4 ma -bvp lr -c0k l8 -c1m kh -c2b jv -c2u j8 -c3k ic -c4g i0 -c5c hu -c6j hr -c7j hn -c8c he,-c7f hn -c82 h3 -c8p gj -c9q fq -cae ev -cbd e7,-cbe e6 -cc1 e0 -cci dn -cdb d9 -ce4 d1 -cer cg -cfl ce -cgi bp -cha be -cht b0 -cij ai -civ 9v -cjp 9c -ckl 92 -cld 8s -cmd 8r -cnc 8s -co9 95 -cpc 9k -cqb 9q -cr8 9l,-cq6 9q -cqu 9e -cro 95 -csq 8s -ctp 8d -cut 87 -d03 7o -d1a 7n -d2l 7v -d3n 7s,-d3i 7s -d44 7l -d4n 7l -d5l 80 -d6f 87 -d79 86 -d82 7s -d8p 7t -d9q 7t -dat 7p -dc5 8a -ddb 8n -dee 8s -df9 8t -dfu 8o,-de3 8r -det 8k -dfp 8a -dgf 7u -dha 7s -di5 7o -dj0 7k -djr 7b -dkl 7b -dlg 7b -dm5 74 -dmn 6t -dng 6c -do6 62 -dop 5m -dp8 56 -dpk 4m -dpr 46 -dql 3l -dr8 33 -drr 2p -dsc 2k,-dru 2p -dsc 2a -dst 1u -dtd 1d -dtp u -du5 6 -dut -k -dvh -1a -e02 -1t -e0h -2g -e13 -34 -e1p -40 -e28 -4l -e2t -4t -e3i -4m,-e2u -4t -e37 -5f -e3n -5t -e4c -6i -e4s -73 -e5g -7k -e62 -8f -e6h -95 -e6u -a2 -e7d -at -e7s -bg -e8c -c5 -e8o -co -e91 -d9 -e9c -dm -e9i -e5 -ea2 -eu -eaj -fm -eb1 -g8 -eb9 -fn -ebe -f6 -ebj -el -ebv -dq -eca -d7 -ecp -cl -ede -br -edt -av -ee5 -a7 -ee7 -9e -edo -8v,-ee8 -9n -ef2 -94 -eg0 -89 -egl -7j -eh4 -6s -eh9 -64 -ehb -58 -egn -52 -eg7 -4j -efi -4f -eeu -47 -eed -3r -ee4 -31 -edp -2i,-ejo -15 -ek8 2 -ekm s -el4 1m -elt 29 -emi 2e -ena 24 -enu 2b -eot 28 -epq 29 -eqp 2d -ers 29 -esr 24 -ets 2m -euv 2t -f01 2r -f0u 39 -f1m 3l,-ebp -e8 -ebc -e0 -eau -e1 -ead -do,-eac -dp -ea3 -du -e9o -do -e9e -dq,-f1a 3d -f23 35 -f2v 30 -f40 31 -f58 2f -f6a 2c -f77 28 -f83 1l -f95 1k -fad 1l -fbe 1j -fc9 1l -fcv 26 -fe1 2b -ff0 2b,-feg 2a -ff9 1v -fg4 1o -fh5 1k -fia 1g -fjg 18 -fkh 11 -flk 18 -fmt 1q -fnv 1u -fos 21,-fo6 1u -fp5 1s -fq1 1q -fqr 1p -frr 1p -fst 1i -fto 1p -fuq 22 -g02 23 -g11 22,-g12 22 -g9i 22 -gh3 22,-ekl p -el1 1p -ela 2c -eku 30,-eg2 -86 -eg4 -75 -egc -6k -efj -6i,-gh4 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