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  • Member since: 7/17/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: No (I even dont have a scoop to aim... Rofl!)
  • MSN: Yes (wanna know?)
  • Yahoo: Yahoo!!! Im a pirate!
  • XBOX Live: I dont have it >_>
  • Wii: I dont have it too >_>
  • PSN: Im poor >_>
  • SteamID: I dont have Steam >_>


FR2 One person Track Club
Skormz - Master of Myself

Original Name: Vertical Fast-Slow Auto!
Vertical auto by SkorMz : PLAY / PREVIEW
Original Name: Dreamer Rider!
Dreamer Rider by SkorMz : PLAY / PREVIEW
Original Name: Escape From The Snake!
Escape Snake by SkorMz : PLAY / PREVIEW

Hope you like then ;D

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