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My name is Akhilesh (Skyyulas) and this is about me:

Down To My Messenger!

This Is How My Story Began!:


(*Picture a dusty book filled with thousands of pages opening, then landing on a random page, and it is filled with a picture of a large green field and a blue sky*)

A young boy named Icarus was sitting amongst the field with his hat over his face. It was about.... Midday-ish? He decided to go on a adventure with his pet dog Brownie somewhere and do something big.

(*Imagine a promising sky glaring down*)

There was a big world out there and he didn't want to miss it. A bit later, hia friend Charlie came along and was going with him as well. Oh but things never stop do they, (sigh), Ozzie, another one of his friends decided to come too.

(Picture a big bright, Orange sun setting and a couple of blackened figures*)

And soon before sunset, they went off on their big adventure and had no idea what was up ahead, but they new one thing, that whatever it would be, it would be amazing.

(*Picture the figures running away in to the moon light*)

(*Picture a dusty book closing*)

About Me!:


Really, i'm just a guy who loves animals,
So, obvioulsy I have one. The one thing I need is sleep, and only sleep. (yawn)

One of my favourite hobbies is cloud watching; usually I do it in the summer.
I do dream a LOT, mostly about magical things and other stuff... which makes me weird...

I read books for enjoyment and imagination, which you will think is completely stupid, but, it's something to get you thinking - you know? I do write books, my favourite one I wrote called 'The Maplestory Legends'.

My name is Akhilesh, (Akhi for short), but you can call me skyy or lass. I love listening to music, (which is why I own a band called 'Ladder To The Sky') and drawing in my leisure time. Considering i'm still studying at school this means that this time is quite reduced.

I also love art and nature so i'm a bit of an outsider as well; and I have a husky named Brownie, (she has brown patches).


The Season Calender!:



It's Spring people, time to start putting those scarves and beanies away!




Twitter Page:!/Akhilesh_Moch

Youtube Account:

Ladder To The Sky:
Check them out!



If you wanna play a game or multiplayer thing whether its online or offline like...Terraria - just tell me!
Feel free to add me, let me know & i'll add you back! Leave me a comment or message if you'd like to talk !☻
- Skyyulas

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