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My new Epic Combo Grinder
Stats: level 515 on all valves, purist build, gets 201k combo's a minute
What it looks like in action:
When not in action:
I just made it today so I wasn't trying to go for highest combo just yet.

I don't have a job, I am in Highschool, I am trying to create a video game called Sanity.

Jumping off a cliff and hitting the ceiling
don't let the threads die!

1000 posts, 10/24/2011
1100 posts, 12/6/2011

comparison between Tavern and WEPR
Both are on what would happen if robots became smarter than us:
WEPR Topic
Tavern Topic
Half a million users!
1 million users! (2k short)

My earlier days
If I remember more I'll prolly put em up here =)
just random
early signs of "AG was better before"

first forum game i made

Tally (this got locked for being a question and answer thread)
tricked 1
serious 9

this actualy is interesting (not mine)

The awsome thread

My FPS game idea:

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