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My hair is white as snow and my skin is pale while my eyes are black as hell. I wear a white kimono that makes me look as if I was a spirit walking the living. My flute summons many demons from the dead who could not pass on because of unfinished buisness. It's tune controls these angered beasts and makes them do my bidding while I hide behind a barrior. If an enemy happens to get past my beasts, then I can play a deathly tune that makes each heart that hears it stop without warning. After that is done, I move on and my soul collecters, who feed my nonliving body with souls of the ones I kill, follow as I play a tune that soars through the forest I roam. How did I die? mother was a careless woman. Letting me drown and watching as my body sunk to the bottom. How I was awakened, a foolish mortal heard of a legend of my death and decided to play a game and walk into the river wear my body laid restless. I took care of him. But body is nothing but earth and soul. No heart beats within me. I still mother smiled as I died. She always said I was a curse from the day I was born. Well...that was her mistake. I let her drown in the river and watched as the shadows of death consumed her. That was many years ago. This forest is immortal. As I am. Forever to walk upon the living world, guarding the forest which has been my home ever since I was born in my fathers temple. Never to feel pain. Love. Sadness. Regret. Remorse. Or any other emotion that mortals posses.

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