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Sixth Spartan Elite Squad S.S.E.S COMMANDING OFFICERS Lieutenant Commando Commander
 Commanding General (SIC Second In Command) (28) General ***** (27) General **** (26) General *** (25) General ** (24) General (23) Colonel (22) Lieutenant Colonel (21) Major (20) First Captain (19) Second Captain (18) First Lieutenant (17) Second Lieutenant (16) Commanding Chief Officer (15) Chief Junior Officer (14) Chief Warrant Officer (13) Second Junior Lieutenant (12) First Junior Lieutenant LOWER RANKS (11) Junior Lieutenant (10) Chief Commanding Sergeant (9) Commanding Sergeant (8) Master Sergeant (7) Sergeant Major (6) First Sergeant (5) Second Sergeant 
 (4) Sergeant (3) Corporal (2) First Private (1) Private DUTIES <font color="Green"> COMMISSIONER: recruits people PROMOTION CHARTER: keeps track of who needs one, who has one, and who needs a demotion MAIL OFFICER: Passes out news to everyone in the clan. SUPERVISOR : Supervises Group members and jobs. Reports to me if anything goes wrong or if someone isn't doing their job correctly. Punishment : 
 enforces rules <font color="Green">COURT MARTIAL: Judge </font> <font color="light green"> <font size="2" > <font size="4" >Rules of Rank -Follow your superiors orders at all times. - Treason will get you into deep trouble, also disrespect will get u a punishment. -Promotion in rank is based on activity, Worthiness, trust, Armor Points, and Willingness to take risks for the Legion. -A promotion is given when your commanding officer decides you are ready. You must have completed any tasks 100% and follow orders in order to promote and be approved by the Commander. - Report to people in jobs if their task concerns u (earn points for promo etc.) - if u have problems go to your Cohort leader - Always report in spammers and you will get more points If you spam your crime is a major crime and will be judged by the Commanding Officers - keep track of news - if your job needs something on the profile please put it there </font> - HAVE FUN - if you have any trouble with these rules come to me I will be happy to make allowances <font size="3" > Point system how u earn rank ups faster </font> <font size="4" > (and maybe in the future how you do PEROID) </font> <font size="6" > <font color="Gold">* </font> </font> <font size="3" >That is the point system.( The asterisk) This is a special honor for the good deeds that i see you do. </font> <Font color="purple"> Rules of Occupation -Every job is to be completed when tasked and on time. -You can request to leave your position by asking the Praetor.</font> <Font color="red"> ~Punishments -Severity of a crime will be decided by the Captain or any high ranking officer.</font> <Font color="blue"> ~Crimes are classified as: Extreme, Major, and Minor. -Minor crimes result in a strip in rank. -Major crimes result in a strip in rank and public posting of your crime. ~other punishments -Rebuke by officer – Reduction of voting rights – Reporting to moderator – Reduction in rank – Dishonourable discharge – Loss of time in service advantages – Relegation to inferior service or duties. – Additional duties -Extreme crimes result in posting of crime and humiliation by the Legion and you will be expelled.</font> <font size="2" >

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