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If you want to I'll take it.

I don't discrimnate I hate everyone.(jk)

You don't like the way I drive stay off the sidewalk.

This is the forum search! … btb4asrns8

Requirements and rules to be a Galaxy Ghost:
-Be active about every other day. If you can, at least once a week
-Anyone can join except hackers and spammers
-Don't spam or deride other users, even if they are enemies
-Check the list of members to ensure that you're not attacking a member of the clan by accident
-Put GC at the end of your posts in battle to denote yourself as a Galaxy Ghost member to further avoid accidental attacks

Benefits of Joining
-Make new close friends
-You can use any Armatar
-We'll add a link to your profile
-We listen to you and your opinions for improving the clan
-We're much more active than most members of other clans
-Have fun!

Just ask to sign up!

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