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I Poke Noses of Cats, have way too many websites, and Have a Kindle Fire. I have Update e-mails, (Every one or 2 months) if you wish to receive them, e-mail me at My Facebook Profile is Starvio Steves, and my Twitter Profile is StaaViinsZ ZteveZ as far as Music Goes, some of my favorite bands are as follows: The New Cities The Cars Europe Ace of Base Real Mccoy Maroon 5 Red Hot Chili Peppers Along with some Rockin' christian Bands Like: Stryper Petra X-Sinner Zion Holy Soldier Some bands I'd prefer you didn't meation to me: AC-DC Aerosmith Most Classical All Country John Mellencamp Most Prog (not all) Obscene Metal bands (Slaughter, Warrant, etc.)

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