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I am just an average guy, living in New Hampshire, trying to get things together with myself. I study martial arts, and I exercise frequently (biking, swimming, hiking, etc) but other than that I don't really enjoy any other sports. I love The Police, besides other music from that era, and I would say music is a pretty big part of my life. I am not a huge fan of watching television, but I do enjoy CSI:Miami and House. I also have a Nintendo Wii that I use in my spare time, it is really more entertaining for me than other consoles (no offense to you gamers out there). Besides all that, I am actually fairly intelligent, and I love having conversations on just about any topic, so message me if you would like to chat sometime. Well, I guess that is it then, thanks for taking your time to read this, and leave me a message if you feel led to.

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