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Take the time to read this please.
Here it is: Take characters from multiple shooters, put them in one game, and create an xbox live arcade shooting game that fans of many shooting games will enjoy. This game can have a few characters from original(or sequels) games. Ask me any questions, becuase im gonna try to get this idea going!
Here is who i think should be in it.

Marcus Fenix/Lancer(Gears of War)
Master Chief/AssaultRifle(Halo 3)
Wayne/Chaingun(Lost Planet)
Big Daddy/Plasmids(Bioshock)
S.A.S Soldier/MP5(Modern Warfare)
Survivor/SPAS-12(Left 4 Dead)
Logan Keller/M4A1(Rainbow 6 Vegas 2)
Commander Shepard/M-3(Mass Effect 2)

Bonus Characters!
Arbiter/Energy Sword(Halo 3)
Dom/MachineGun(Gears of War)
Clone Soldier/DC-17(Star Wars Battlefront 2)
Sargeant Johnson/SMG(Halo 2)
Garrus/M-100(Mass Effect)
Chris Redfield/Dual Uzis(Resident Evil)
Scott Mitchell/F200(Ghost Recon)

1.Las Vegas(R6V2)
2.Pillar Of Autumn(Halo Combat Evolved)
3..New Mombasa(Halo 2)
5.EDN III(Lost Planet)

Bonus Maps:
6.Jacinto City(Gears of War)
7.Umbrella Corp Facility(Resident Evil)
8.Cargo Ship(Mass Effect)
9.Mexico City(GRAW 2)
10.Beach Invasion(Kashyyk, SWB2)

Special Abilities:
Marcus-Lightmass Bomb
MasterChief-Marine Assault
Wayne-Vital Suit Armada
Big Daddy-Super Plasmid
S.A.S Soldier-Royal Air Force Strike
Survivor- Advanced Helicopter Support
Logan Keller- U.S SpecOps Tactical Strike
Shepard- Space Fleet
Arbiter- The Covenant
Dom- Gears Force
Clone Soldier- Jedi Attack
Droid- Droid Swarm
Sargeant Johnson- Noble Team (SPOILER)
Garrus- Spacial Strike
Redfield- Contamination Release
Mitchell- Ghost Assualt

Im going to try to get my idea REALIZED
but i dont know where to start....

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