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"Women, you can all you want but they'll always find you." - R2D21999, 5:50 PM, 12.5.2014

"A hurricane is not mean, but that doesn't mean I want to get into a fight with one." - pick talking about me

there is blood inside
rip made a nice thing

I'm not actually in Taiwan.
I won Craziest and Best Female Member for 2013.
Why you shouldn't worship me.
Topped the Totem Pole.
Won Go Big or Go Home S3.
I won Craziest, Best Female Member, and Most Likely to Murder Everyone on AG for 2014!
Never forget.
Even Gantic acknowledges I'm weird.
Won the ASC!
I was the second person to gain the knight's blessing on 3.25.15! thanks R2


I've decided to stop checking up on the site and free myself from these chains. It was a good time, I'm glad I met some of you. If you put words in the comment box or @ me I'll probably come back to see what you want, though, so I'm not really dead. Maybe I'll be more active again once I'm accepted to college. Make sure to vote me as cool things in the AG Superlatives, though.

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