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I was recently hired to the position of "Armor Games Accountant". When you need to pay for certain small purchases, please ask me about the quickest and easiest way to pay.

I am a human shaped atom based life form, who is back in the trend of biting people. Watch out world!

Recently people have stopped confusing me with the opposite gender, but just so you know: I AM OF THE FEMALLOID SPECIES.

xeano321 once said, StormWalker, you've officially took the title of the weirdest person on AG. Congratulations." If I truly am the weirdest person on AG, that would make me very happy.

Click me!
Don't click me!
You clicked it, didn't you.
How could you betray my trust by clicking this?
You're so cruel ;~;
Why do you keep clicking these links?
You know they all go to the same location...
Why don't you give up?
There is no gold to be found.
The cake is a lie.
Are you still clicking these?
You don't have a life, do you.
You've brought this upon yourself.

GHASTLY is a wonderful place to live, if you are dead. This is a cordial invitation to come live in GHASTLY. You lose your puny, carbon based forms, and gain a lovely formless cloud of poisonous gas and acid. Put this on your page if you decide to live in such a lovely place as GHASTLY.
I've gotten a few more people to live here. More should come. We don't have enough people for the human sacrifice.

If you would like to see my sister's page click here.
No, I lied, it's actually here.
Still believed me? For real this time, her page is here.
I'm sorry, but you're so gullible. Okay, my laugh is over, click here.
But this link here isn't my sister's profile, so you shouldn't click it.
A certain robot is madly in love with her and decided they would get married.
I disapprove.


A member of Forum Games Alliance, where the members spend their time being hormonal weirdos, posting strange links, speaking in other languages (I'm looking at you, Sal and Nilly), having boring discussions about sports, and pissing one another off. Join now, or forever hold your peace.
This goes here so I can find it again later. You don't need to click this one. In fact, don't. It's just a gory manga.
However, this is here just for laughs, so click it if you dare.
I won Craziest and Best Female Member for 2013.
Why you shouldn't worship me
And now for a short list of my positive traits, by Rip.
*Ahem* Storm's positives (The list is much bigger but you know, ain't nobody got time fo dat)~
She's funny
She's random
She's awesome
She's well versed in murdering
She's crazy
She has hidden inner niceness
She's a pianist
She's StormWalker (Clancy and R2 will vouch for me when they say this is a definite positive?)

Tada the short list of Storm's positives. Welp, hope that random assortment of your attributes somehow cheered you up. And if not, then please don't take away my pelvis.

Speaking of Rip, he made a pretty thing.

I don't care what you do to this thing

The meaning of life. It isn't safe.

Are you ready for this?

There is a method to my madness, but I think I killed it.
I'm not actually in Taiwan, but I'd like to live there. Also the flag is pretty.
If you click every link in my profile, you're awesome. Except for the one I told you not to click.

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