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Moderators are the champions of Armor Games, users knighted by Administrators to help maintain order, destroy spam and to help those in need. They wield a shield of truth and a lethal weapon to banish wrongdoers.


This ninja is: A real-life Doctor McNinja

Sometimes I create.

And sometimes I deviate.

(Though I haven't done any of that for yonks. Maybe later.)

News and Stuff

omg I leave for two years and what's happened to this place? Social media widgets all up in the place, new mods, new admins... I have some catching up to do!

Once upon a time, there was this thing called...

The Way of Moderation!*

This tale harkens back to a time when the AG community was in a state of flux, a place full of promise and ambition. Jointly hosted by Cenere and myself, it included stories and fragments and ideas from many users to form an Original Character Tournament with a cast of over fifty characters. There were a lot of headaches (mainly Cen and I butting heads), blood sweat and tears. It took four years to finish (well, including a year-long hiatus) and several users finished school, graduated from college, started working during its writing (and Moe even got married). It was the tale of our era.

Story Archive | Story Summary | AG Locations | The victestants

* following this fictional tournament will not make you a moderator.

After I wrapped up the blasted thing, I promptly handed in my resignation as a moderator. So why am I still a mod? Because the admins laughed at me and tossed my resignation out...


Strop has an alter ego: Strip the ninja filly. It's Zophia's fault.

Please leave a message after the ~strop


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