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This ninja is: changing gears.

Sometimes I create.

And sometimes I deviate.

News and Stuff

I have just sat the written portion of my FRACP. It is difficult to say how confident I should be of passing, and we won't know until the 2nd week of March. That's when I find out whether I will progress to the clinical component in July.

The Way of Moderation has ended! Thus marks the completion of four and a half years of collaboration, writing, drawing, even music making, of yelling at people and continuously delaying updates, of going on an extended hiatus without really knowing why, of Cen and I nutting things out and butting heads and getting headaches. It's been a long ride.

What if I told you this was just the first iteration, and now it has to go through a polishing process?

The Way Of Moderation

This is the story of The Way of Moderation!* Also known as one of the biggest (not to mention longest-running) OCTs ever made.

Story Archive | Story Summary | AG Locations | The victestants

* following this fictional tournament will not make you a moderator.


Round 1: The Invitation

Round 2: Welcome

Round 2 1/2: Intermission

Round 3: Dodgeball

Interruption: Whodunnit?

Round 4: Steeplechase

Round 5: The F-Bomb

Round 6: Unwrapping

Round 7: Interrogation

Round 8: Round of 8

Round 9: The Biggest Balls of Them All

Round 9 1/2: Preparations

Round 10: Day of Reckoning


Round 11: For Great Justice

Round 12: Rhapsody


The End


Strop has an alter ego: Strip the ninja filly. It's Zophia's fault.

Please leave a message after the ~strop


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