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<font size="14">PROFILE UNDER CONSTRUCTION</font> Name's Nothing... <font color="#ff0000">SumOfNothing.</font> I dedicate my time on ArmorGames to the best RTS ever: Colony ~Since 2010 (I was off AG for a while, before which I played every new game uploaded, and after this long hiatus returned to Colony at the end of 2013.) Approx. Colony matches played: 10,000 Estimate win ratio: 70-75% Favorite Government: Fascist In my free time (which is all my time) I am at mostly on my computer doing numerous things including 3D modeling and graphic design. I am currently in a small game development group called Tek-Wise Studios. I am a man of science and plan on becoming a physicist/engineer as it is my passion. Born in Rhode Island, I am currently a senior (Class of '15) at Cape Coral High School in Cape Coral, Florida (which is a large city in southwestern Florida on the Gulf Coast), man have the times gone by fast .-. Also, I like to steal rocks What? Don't believe me: <a href"">How to Steal Rocks (SumOfNothing style)</a> <b><font color="#0000ff">~FaceBook:</b></font> <a href""> [Joey Evans] </a> Phone: (239) 745-2988 Call me, I'm lonely { . .} Haha, I can always use a chat. <i>Prank calls accepted</i> ^_^ Awesome Quotes of Quotiness: *coming soon to a profile near you* Colony besties: Me, myself, and I clhkph barrels PhantomLurker [the pro-est noob] fortinbras Pillola BlackFire44 (did you find ur rocks yet?) Wyvern886 L0rdDrag0 HiklopBaws DessertFang (nig&#11;ga, where'd you go) ALPHAxTHORIN Rummel (HAHA not) MiamiBigAL Continuity [Continoobity] fission12 (where are you you fuc&#11;ker) trying (I see you!) dastert is a nub "Colony is love. Colony is life." ~Philosophy from a very wise Chinese person from some time long ago and in a land far away... probably China... I don't know how that works <u>Fact of the day: Aardvarks can jump 10,000 feet into the air and can consume a small human child in one swift action.</u> <font color="#ffffff">System:<font color="#888888">SumOfNothing has left the game.</font>

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