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Well, I'm back on Armor Games, It has been awhile. My previous account was SiC6, but I decided to abandon it.
Why? because I became bored with it, XD.

So now that I'm back, my main goal right now is to land a spot on one of the leader boards.
Then I'll work my way to the top 100.
I think I can accomplish that in less than 2 months, probably.

I'm a mellow guy most of the time, but can get hyper. I'm a Senior in High School and still have not been effected by peer pressure. Never smoked, anything, and I abstain from alcohol. The reason I abstain from alcohol is because of my childhood. Lots of crappy memories, and I choose not to turn out like my Dad.
I'm a nice guy overall, and tell the truth almost 100% of the time. I hate when people lie to me, so I don't lie to them. I'm a very open person, ask me and I'll tell ya anything. I also like to listen to people, and try to help. Keyword, Try.

Despite my kind nature, I can get ticked off pretty easily. Very few things get me mad, when this happens, I'm tempted to fight. I grew up in Cleveland, so don't think I'm new to fighting. Lots of people like to talk, but never throw a punch. So I help them along by hitting first. If you'd like to know what I look like, I took a quick pic. link below.
I took the pic when the cam was on the table. XP

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