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Sports: The bottom line is I run.
Year round I run Cross Country, Indoor track, and outdoor track.
My best Cross Country time is 20:45. Im the second best sophmore on the team and hope to make varsity next year.
My favorite track event is the 800 and my best time is only a 2:27. (not very good)

I got my second varsity pin!

Free time: I love to bowl, play paintball, and anything video game related.

I have a girlfriend who I have been going out with since July 13th 2008. (she is my first girlfriend)

Random stuff: I only weigh 129 pounds and I'm 5 foot 9.

I absolutly LOVE swedish fish. They are the greatest candy ever made

America's Army is the best online game!

If anyone plays Freesky look me up. I'm Lord FironTelious

Paintballer222 started his own forum! Join Here:

✞  The Christian Club!!  ✞
Im a Christian and I'd like to meet some more Christians on this site. If you aren't a Christian but you want to ask about Jesus Christ just ask me, Ill try to make you a believer.
Founders-Craze77 and Godspeed11

          The Paintball Club!!

      If anyone wants to join the club talk to the founders. You can talk about your expereiences paintballing, Guns, ask questions, exc.
Founders SuperZagron  and    Paintballer222:

                    My paintball gun
I have a tippmann 98 custom.
On it I have put:
-a double trigger
-a 16-inch riffled Armson barrel
-a "hot shot" laser sight

Ammo: Whenever I play I always use top quality paintballs. I use only orange and pink Evil paintballs. Never in a game have I had one bounce off my target. They are expensive but they will deffinitly improve your game.

I have been playing for three years.

                    AGAMO clan
(Armor games awsome members only)

Jdoggparty Leader

       Join The Games4Life Clan!!!

It's a clan to tank about all fo your favorite games! I'll put in ranks of your AG points.


None to Wood Serf=Super Nintendo

Wood Serf to Gold Serf=N64

Gold Serf to Wood Squire=Old GBA

Wood Squire to Silver Squire=New GBA

Silver Squire to Wood Knight=DS

Wood Knight to Silver Knight=PSP

Silver Knight to Gold Knight=PS2

Gold Knight to Wood Duke=GC

Wood Duke to Silver Duke=Xbox

Silver Duke to Gold Duke=Wii

Gold Duke to Wood Prince=DSi

Wood Prince and up=All the Games!

Leader: Dnguyen All the games!
Assistant: madgamer012 Xbox

1. SuperZagron PS2
2. paintballer222 PS2
3. Xcaliber45 All The Games!
4. ultimatetitanis PSP
5. XxLBJames23xX DSi

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