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Hey ------------------------------------------------------- This link reveals who i am and what i look like The Faces of Armor Games and its Users - the Official Photo Thread pg.17 -I can't live with out dance! -i love playing piano and just looking at piano's ( I play it very well ) -I love art & photography -I love chilling and chatting with my friends ------------------------------------------------------- My forum thread : TBear-1996-My Photography and Art ( not professional ) ------------------------------------------------------- you look purdy today O.O .. no seriously ! ------------------------------------------------------- So yeah as you can probably tell , i'm almost on a hype 24/7 -------------------------------------------------------- Uhm.. i'm 15 definitely not 23 or anything so please don't ask me if im over 15 .. because i'm not -------------------------------------------------------- Just felt like i was missing a quote on my page so here it is ...... " You can never be better than your best .. " ~ Me , TBear1996 -------------------------------------------------------- Moi .. [url]http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1084902837[/url] Chow! ( for now )

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