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dis is pomoco
me and sturge r leaders of THE DYNAMOs
this club is here 2 get yor ideas to the people who made armorgames so armorgames can be a better place
i will only pick the best ideas or even put 2 or mor together 2 make a great 1 if ya wona join contact either 1 of us and put yor rank and points and if u hav referrals or merits then put that aswell.


1.Pomoco/leader/king/Full acsess
2.BestGamer123/vice leader/prince/not all acsess
3.rem/commander/general/able to recruit and ban
4.jackice/recruiter/captain can recruit
5.toxic/bright guy/luitenant reports the best ideas and can recruit
6.batistarocks6969/hunter/top seargent/can ban and recruit
7.bratt02/banner/seargent/can ban
8.crazynaitor/recruiter/seargent/can recruit
9.collage/member/knight/ can ban
shadeclan/member/knight/ can ban

pomoco out!.........................................

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