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About Tiger M

Tiger M. Gales [Tiger M] is a 27 year old American DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Producer, Performer & Choreographer born in Albany, Georgia. He is the first son of Dr. Mahasin H.M. Majied and the late Master-Chief
[Navy S.E.A.L.] Ahmad H. Majied.

Tiger is also the fifth child of seven siblings including
four stepbrothers, a younger sister and brother.

Born Khalid Hazim Majied, Tiger legally changed his name
after his strict father’s death in March 2005.
At the early age of 3, Tiger began singing and playing the piano. Originally trained in soul and classical music, he would eventually be exposed to pop, jazz, rock, and hip-hop at an early age. This mixed exposure would eventually lead him to develop his own unique sound.

At age 5, Tiger developed a passion for the drums. In order to keep the noise down in an otherwise "quiet neighborhood;" Tiger’s parents refused to purchase him a complete "Drum Set." Instead, he was given a yellow headed bass drum and a set of drum sticks from a local Habitat For Humanity�"and he played the heck out of it! Rigorously played each day as if a snare; it would not be long before 5 year old Tiger would smash a hole through both sides of the large bass drum.

One year later; Tiger would have access to a full drum set that he’d play everyday.
At age 11, Tiger composed his first piano score: "The Descending Guillotine." The melodic composition was performed at local events in the young boy’s hometown, and he did receive much praise�"but Tiger did not desire to become a pianist.

Strictly religious, Tiger’s parents were not fond of hip-hop, rock, or otherwise "vulgar" styles of music. Instead, Tiger was directed towards his father’s colossal vinyl collection including R&B & Pop legends such as: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Patty La Belle, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Huston, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Ever curious, Tiger desired to hear what he was told "not to." Eventually, the young boy would sneak outside of his father’s record collection and listen to his step-brothers' "secret" contemporary music collections.

As a result, he was exposed to a broad range of popular artists including: The Sugar Hill Gang, MC Hammer, Marylyn Manson, Ozzie Osborn, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Pink Floyd, Vanessa Williams, Dr. Dre, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Cher, Sade, and Korn.

After filling his young head with music his parents and brothers enjoyed;
Tiger became hungry�"hungry to hear "more."
Unable to attend sleepovers, parties, clubs, or other events where they could get into trouble; Tiger and his siblings developed an avid passion for video games. With an ever growing hunger for music; Tiger developed an interesting habit.

When no one was playing the family Nintendo Entertainment System; Tiger would put a blank cassette tape into his parents' Karaoke Tape Recorder; plug the recorder’s microphone into the recorder jack; and place the microphone in front of the television speakers to record the instrumental tracks from various Nintendo Games. Later, he would create song lyrics for the upbeat songs.

While working as a caretaker MGCM, for his stepbrother’s Music Conservatory, Tiger was introduced to the Roland Boss DR-5 Rhythm Section. He’d spend hours on the machine, and would eventually be "dismissed" from his job for often spending more than eight hours a day producing arrangements on the Tone & Rhythm Machine.

Using the MIDI instruments on Roland’s DR-5, in a single month,
Tiger would produce over 250 unique arrangements.
At 17, Tiger made a drastic change in his musical selection. Learning that PC CD-ROM games like Mindscape's Cyberspeed and Psygnosis's Wipeout could be played in car and home stereos; Tiger began purchasing PC programs and video games to learn if the discs would play in standard stereos or not. Inevitably, Fatboy Slim, Tim Wright, The Chemical Brothers, Photek, and Paul Oakenfold became major influences in Tiger’s dance-ready sound. At 18, Tiger began studying at Darton College; a small community college in Albany, GA. Tiger’s first two semesters went Undecided. Later, in order to understand Japanese video games; Tiger majored in Foreign Languages with an emphasis in Japanese. After a love relationship that ended violently; Tiger began to study Psychology.

At 20, Tiger "*graduated" Darton College, and began a full time job as a customer service rep for Bellsouth. Three months later, Tiger requested a termination. After explaining his situation, the request was granted.

*Shortly after marching, Tiger learned that he was 3 Biology credits short of a degree in Psychology.
At 21, Tiger majored in Theatre at Valdosta State University. It was at this time he realized he was forcing himself to be a traditional College Student. Shortly before mid-terms began, Tiger walked away from classes to focus on his True Passion:

Sharing [DJing] & Producing Unforgettable Music.

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