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  • AIM: To beat up everyone I dislike! Rawr!
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  • Yahoo: Ummm hellokitty?
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I gotta question for everyone reading this... WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE SOMRTIMES THINK I AM A GUY!?!? I am a female. Tabathie isn't even a guys name! People these days... Also I am not as friendly as I seem to be, to most people at least. Except Darandul... even thought he is my friend he is my brother. So Brother and sisterly love? NOPE! I am two adorable kitties named Gear and Tyggs. I like to read and in June I read 5520 pages. and I don't know how many books. I draw and write some stories. Aspired writer. Well anyways. I am outta things to say!

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