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Hey,hey,hey! The only thing that I've got to say right now is: 1.) Why are you on my profile? 2.) Do you like Kingdom Rush? 3.) No,seriously,WHY are you on my profile?! 4.) Are you a gamer? 5.) If you answered no.4 with a yes,What kind of gamer are you? 6.)Are you a stalker? 7.) Did you seriously read all that? 8.) That's just sad. 9.) Derp. 10.) Herp. 11.) Are you an otaku? 12.) If so,what are the animes you like? !3.) Holy shit,why are you still here? 14.) You're probably asking yourself why did I click this users profile? 15.) Well, screw you then. 16.)Are you still reading this? That's just sad. 17.) kthnxbye.

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