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I am a semi-lonely 18 year old kid. I live by myself in a small apartment in Wisconsin. I was just a normal 11 year old kid until my parents died on 9/11, flight 93.

These are the last words that I had with them,
Mom- Hi honey, do you know what is going on?
Me- Yea there are some terrorists that hijacked four planes and are crashing into different things.
Mom- O my f'ing god! There is no way! Markus, we have been hijacked too.
Me- Don't worry mom, you guys will be just fine.
Mom- I know we will, just pray for us.
Me- Don't worry I will (crying)
Mom- I will call you back later ok?
Me- Ok *sniff sniff*
Mom- Bye
Me- Bye

10 mins later

Me- Hello?
Mom- Hi, we are going to try to over-throw the four hijackers.
Me- Ok you guys will be able to do it I know you will.
Mom- I know we will too, here talk to your dad, honey, I love you.
Me- (bawling) I love you too mom.
Dad- Hey bud, are ok?
Me- ya
Dad- Ok, just stay calm bud, everything is going to be ok.
Me- I know, you guys are going to overthrow the cabin
Dad- we are going to do our best. I got to go now, I love you son, we love you with all our heart
Me- I love you too dad, goog luck (crying)

Puts the phone down on the chair.

All I hear from there are people screaming and yelling, the door being slammed open, and then the plane goes into a decsent. It gets louder and louder, next thing that I hear are people screaming even louder, I know that they are going down.

The plane gets louder and louder from screaming, I hear someone say, "its all over, we tried but failed.

The last words that I hear fomr my parent was, "Markus, we tried but are still going down, we love you with all our heart and will miss you greatly"

I started to bawl as I the hear the screaming get louder and louder. Then everything was quiet. A big boom and scratch came soon after, the plane crashed and my parents are dead.

After 9/11 I lived on the streets for about 2 years. I made money by selling drugs and robbing people. It was wrong but I had nothing else to do. I was so depressed that one day I started with the drugs. I did them for about 3 years until I said that I needed to start over again. I got a job, stop doing drugs and really turned my life around.

I now live in a nice apartment by myself and I am trying to get some money for college.

That is me and im happy to be alive, so talk to me if you want to.

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